• as far as i know i don't like him right now. he did something idk and said the police were stupid. well now everyone is laughing about obama being stupid. so for me i think not
  • Vegas odds are running 3 to 2 for a re-election but I don't think anyone is keeping book on it yet. Check William Hill, ( UK ), for the odds - they are my "bookie" of choice.
  • Of course. Watch a certain Amendment get overridden to allow him a third term.
  • Waaaay to soon to decide.
  • way too early to predict. too much can happen.
  • Let's hope not - he's already restricting gun laws which is against the constitution under "the right to bear arms." Yes people are going to be on his nuts and say "He's better than Bush was and/or He wants to make a change." Yeah he wants you to change the way you protect your house by taking your gun away and having you fidget with a butcher knife under your pillow. Hate me for keepin it 100. Keep it comin. I'd love to hear how wrong I am about your leader of your country bowing down to the prince of saudi arabia then excepting a book from Hugo Chavez (the man who hates America) stating all the horrible things America has done in the past 200 years. Also he did a speech where every other president has spoken and made them take down the Jesus decals in the background stating "I just want them to focus on me." You be the judge.
  • At this rate I doubt it but still too early to tell. +5
  • I certainly hope not.
  • Granted that it is very early in his administration, I do think alot of people will eventually start to see through his goofy rhetoric and not vote for him a second time.... of course, I thought the same thing about Duhbya, and I was dead wrong...
  • I can't see it. I've been around a while and have never seen anything like what's going on right now. Especially this early in an administration. I've heard many friends and family members express regret for buying into his..., well, you know. But you never know. I do expect a shift in the balance of power in Congress in 2010. So does the administration, thus, the rush rush rush rush get it done hurry don't need to read just get it done it's only billions we're committing here.
  • Who knows and who cares? Either way, wwe're screwed if we do and we're screwed if we don't. If he gets re-elected, he will continue to screw everybody equally while we have to listen to the mobs of Right Wingers bringing on another civil war. If a Republican is elected, he will continue to screw everybody equally while they're happy but will still be mobs this time in support of their supreme puppet. I think I'm moving to Iraq, I may be able to find more peace and equality there
  • Let's hope and pray not.
  • I certainly hope so. I know I will be voting for him.
  • I doubt it alot of the ppl who were brainwashed to vote for him all of a sudden woke up when they didnt get the money and jobs that he promised them. So now alot of ppl dont like him. I never belived him, he actually scares me.
  • If there is any sanity left in America, NO.
  • well...if the votes of the people are actually counted...NO..if ACORN fixes it and Axelrod and the SEIU help..YES... the REAL question...will Hillary challenge him in 2012?
  • I do not think so
  • I didnt think he was going to be elected but these desperate left wingers wanted bush and anything to do with him out so bad they voted Obama in, I think sensible democrates and republicans will choose a better candidate then this guy whos doing as much damage to the democratic party as bush did to the republicans, this man is standing in a house of straw.
  • Obama lost his popularity faster then any of the previous 43~~what are the odds that Obama will *Change?* so far he has just spend (wasted) a ton of money on big government failure projects and will go into Socialized Medecine with 90% of the Americans opposed to his plan Obama is a poor lost soul who has lost his popularity
  • well bush got reelected so I dont see why he won't
  • I say he will be and my husband says he won't. One of the many political issues we disagree on.
  • 18 months before the election, people assumed it would be a run-off between Hilary Clinton and Rudy Guliani. Even TV psychics got behind this idea. We are 38 months away from the next Presidential election, so I really can't fathom how that question can be answered right now. Politics is politics, and things can change in a hurry.
  • Probably put it depends what sort of dog and pony show the republicans come up with this time. "I'm a republican and all I care about is winning and not looking after anybody but myself." - Asshole Republican Thinking.
  • we will probably lose our right to vote under O...

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