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  • In some much more enlightened & benevolent future world, dude. Yes. - Nota Bene = Of course I'm talkin' euthanasia here only. Not psychiatric disorder or adolescent angst.]
  • I think so. I think it is your life, so you should have the option of being able to end it if that is what you want.
  • no they dont have the is gr8 gift from god they dont have the right to end it up with no good reason
  • Same as people have the right to life, they also have the right to die as a matter of choice if their life really sucks and mostly people without haing guts will only do like that if they realise how good and beautiful the life is they wont do it jut like the coin has two side and power has bothe good and bad one must realise how to use it
  • I guess ultimately this is very much a religious question. Under a religious interpretation, we do not have the right to die as a matter of choice. That right is God's and God's only. However, I am not religious. I believe that we do have the right to choose when to die, and be in control of our death. I think that we have a responsibility to our family, friends, to the poor sod who will have to scrape us off the railtrack if we choose to bring death by jumping in front of a train - and as such, perhaps it would be very selfish of us to take matters into our own hands. That doesn't mean we do not have the right to do it though. My view.. bring on the trolls! =)
  • This is a tough one for me... I would hate to see people end their lives over depression anxiety and sadness such as grief, when they could actually be treated and could change their mind possibly be happy... But then their are those suffering with crippling pain, their quality of life is completely gone and nothing can change it... is it fair to make them live on? Even though I believe people should have the right to choose all things concerning themselves ...maybe they should make suicide legal with medical consent...
  • I wish I had the option but for some reason I'm here and I don't have the option. I don't understand.
  • if they do not then life is not a right but an obligation.
  • I think if someone is in unbearable pain and/or they know they cannot be treated, they should have the right to say whether they want to live on or not.
  • IMO yes they do! it's their life! we all have the right!! to choose how we bow out, none of us asked to be here in the first place, so it should be up to each individual what they do with the life they got stuck with, if I chose to end it all tomorrow it has absolutely 100% got nothing to do with anyone else, so but out! :-/ I say! let the individual decide!!
  • What right do two people have to bring a person into this world and then force them to stay? If life is great for you then good for you. Everyone eventually dies. It's not about 'when'. It's about 'how' and 'why'.
  • This one is so very hard to answer and maybe I shouldnt even try...but here goes. I understand this subject well because my sister did commit suicide. My grandmother and own mother tried but failed. Thankfully... I tryed and failed and am so thankful I am alive today. We must have something wrong with our brains or something on that side of the family. I knew nothing about my mothers attempt when I tryed. Only later did I learn and my sister never did know. I dont judge people on their thoughts on this subject and I hope I wont be judged for what I have done. For someone to honestly try suicide they are Hurting So Very Badly that they see no way ever out of their darkness.
  • Dr. Kervorkian does
  • only if it is really all I could say avoiding any description...and, I think it's the summary of all the answers you'd receive...
  • People dont really have the right to life. We are brought into this world without choice and we have to go out without choice. Make the most while we are here! xx
  • I would say yes.. If you live, you live because you want to, if you don't want to live, you should have to choice to not do it.
  • I do not think that they have the right die as a matter of choice , regardless of the pain there must be hope .

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