• catching Internet pedophiles, or catching low life illegal contractors that prey and take advantage of the elderly they caught a guy who would claim that he had leftover asphalt from a previous job and then do shoddy work and we had another guy who would clean chimneys and then scare the elderly and tell them their chimney had cracks and needs to be replaced soon or else they will die of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • saving me from getting domestically abused (in 2006)
  • making donut and coffee runs for me.
  • A very interesting question. Usually I can summon up my answer or opinion in a matter of seconds, but not with this one. Insuring public safety? But not arresting speeders, because I like to go real fast sometimes. Solving murders, rapes, burglaries? Not giving parking tickets... Stopping scams is bandit's answer and a good one. Must be time for bed, can't think or type anymore.

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