• The next Pokemon game, as I'm sure you know from the commercials, is Pokemon Emerald. If you want to know the changes from Pokemon R/S, here they are: -Battle animations have been included. This means that the Pokemon move like in Crystal. They all seem to have their own unique styles of moving around. -A new "Battle Tower" has been included. This is called the Seviper Tube. There is another one but I don't know what it is. -The legendaries have been enhanced and are found in some of the same areas but not all. Latias AND Latios are now available in the version and you do not have to waste your time figuring out where Latios(my favorite) is and what versions they're in. They are both in the same version. -Kyogre AND Groudon can now both be obtained in the same version. They are no longer seperated into Ruby and Sapphire. -Movie clips are available, that is, that when Rayquaza comes out of the clouds, there is a little movie thing that you can watch, -Brendan and May's headbands and backpacks have now been turned green in honor of Emerald Version. -Team Aqua AND Team Magma are both the bad guys in this game, since Team A&M are both the bad guys and you can't pick which one you want to be the good guys. -Wallace has been replaced by Arden in the eigth gym and Steven has been replaced by Wallace as the champion. Steven is in a small cave after the Elite Four. -BIG SURPRISE!!!!!! You can now RECHALLENGE the gym leaders a second time and they get stronger Pokemon, just like FR/LG's Elite Four. -Deoxys is now obtainable in Emerald Version (not sure if it's the ticket or the wild). -Mew and Latias/Latios are now available through game tickets, Mew is on the Worlds Edge Island and Latias/Latios are on Southern Island. -Lugia and Ho-oh are available through the Bird Island Ticket and appear at level 70. And the best thing is, once you face one, the other DOES NOT disappear! Hope you like it as much as I know I will! It comes out on May 1st in USA!
  • That is incorrect, these games are unofficial but shall be realised (i can feel it) They are called Pokemon Diamond, and Pokemon Pearl
  • Its gonna be Pokemon Pink. You start in yu-gi-oh world with a jigglypuff and pink eyes pokadotted dragon. ****note, may not be true at all**** Really, I cant wait for Diamond and Pearl. wonder if it's out in japan or wherever those lucky people get to play video games before we do.
  • I want the next pokemon game to be pokemon ultimate and i want the game to have a feature that u can explore every region like johto and sinnoh and kanto and hoen...................................... and you can get every pokemon including mew and other legends that cant be catched
  • I think it will be a re-make of Gold, and Silver, and possibly Crystal Versions because those were the only ones you could get all the legendaries and the GB versions dont fit in the Nintendo DS slot so you cant migrate those pokemon over
  • hahaha you guys are almost all wrong! the next newest pokemon game to come out in 2009 is pokemon platinum. It's already out in Japan and it a follow up of diamond and pearl just like saphire, ruby and emerald
  • Platnium (duh) but i think that they SHOULD have a remake of the Johto games.... and i have always wanted one version that has every region inside one. but rlly i think that the next thing should be Pokemon Amethyst or pokemon Garnet maybe pokemon Jade. probably pokemon Jade. i guess Diamond and Pearl after FireRed and LeafGreen came out. NO JOKE. (just like i guessed that Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper's new baby was gonna be named Cinnamon lol)
  • oh yes, and a good name for the remakes of Gold and Silver: FoolsGold and QuickSilver lol
  • I am addicted to Wii!!

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