• They save them for the next office picnic. +5
  • some stash it and some turn it in for court purposes.
  • Incinerate. Some police officers resell.
  • They say they dispose of them.
  • Use them, sell them, redistribute them back out on the streets, use it as evidence.
  • I have two answers for this. The b.s. answer and the probable one. The b.s. answer, the one the government will give you is that the agencies confiscate the drugs and destroy them. All other assets are seized, auctioned off or sold to create revenue for the police and government. The reality of it is the War on Drugs is big business. There have been known documented cases of police seizing vehicles, assets and falsely targeting those who have them merely for funding and the money was going into the pockets of policemen, judges and others. Drugs more than likely are not destroyed. They are seized and the police depts probably keep some and the government gets the rest. Honestly, does anyone think the government will just destroy millions of dollars of drugs?! The drugs are of course then used many ways. Some of the drugs are put back out onto the street to ensure that the War on Drugs continues and the poice can continue to get more power, more equipment and job security. The drugs are moved back into the populace through contacts and fake dealers, moved to the real dealers and the process becomes a revolving door to ensure funds keep coming in and the prison system stays busy making money. The government of course also uses drugs to fund black operations, trade for weapons, intel, alliances and other things..this too is well documented and known. The War on Drugs is a loding war and partly because it is not a war that is meant to be won (much like the war on terror), it is only meant to exist to generate revenue and to instill a apramilitary presence within the US that will strip away constitutional rights.
  • Have a party man.
  • I hope John Pennington answers this one!
  • They take them home and they sell them on the side
  • Smoke them. lol๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜Ž
  • recycle them , resell them and keep the profits it seams. If they were honest and disposed of them there would be far less drugs around. If a police officer is convicted of a crime they should be sentenced double what an ordinary person would get. Abuse of trust.
  • Use them for stings.
  • Smoke them.
  • they burn them here
  • They are either destroyed or used in a "sting" operation.

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