• i have nothing against it.
  • I think it's the next step in social evolution.
  • it deprives people of freedom and takes from the successful and gives to the lazy low lifes. It is an ideal that cannot happen. It is suppose to treat people equal, but it has never worked becuase someone has to be the parent
  • I never said that. I like it a lot better than unregulated capitalism.
  • All that social pressure! I can't do anything just because I'm supposed to do it.
  • Who says I don't like it? As an artist, countries with socialism do a much better job of supporting the arts. Everybody starves equally. Well, sometimes. Mostly artists are taken well care of and nurtured. I am not talking Communism as it was done in the USSR. There was no artistic freedom but their ballet dancers sure were treated well if they did what they were told. To get big star pay, you had to defect though. The average non star dancer was sitting pretty. Not like here. +4
  • I'm pretty okay with it as an idea, actually.
  • Some countries could not survive without socialism. I got no problem with it
  • The problem with it: It never gets a REAL chance. And the folks who say that, say it with a straight face. It's had many chances- and fails every time because there are no checks to keep the criminals from grabbing control.
  • Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. Benjamin Franklin
  • i don't not like it. what are you talking about?
  • but I do!
  • It's a lie. It pretends to be about helping the working class get out of poverty. It's really about destroying the middle class so the elite can enjoy a power monopoly. Most socialists are well meaning people who have been deceived. Socialism was invented by fascists to widen the gap between the rich and the poor.
  • Because it isn't fair, because it doesn't work (since money doesn't grow on trees), and because I have seen it in action and lived with it and it creates misery and poverty.
  • Because it sounds really good but can't work because people aren't perfect and they would have to be to not let greed and huger for power to get the best of them.
  • Because I'm anti-social.
  • Socialism is a flawed system, invented by megalomaniacs for the exploitation of the masses. It means government control of every aspect of society, economics, religion, entertainment, education, health care, and anything else that exists in the society. It means total, inescapable, and absolute micromanagement of every phase, every microsecond of the file of every subject (not citizen: citizens have rights). . It means that the State owns your home, your car, your clothing and shoes, your dogs, cats, and children. And you. And all the fruits of all your labour, your ideas, your enterprise, your talents. . The government decides where you will live, where you will work, what work you do, how many children you may have, how hard you must cook your eggs, how short you must cut your toenails. A government bureau “levels the playing field” by taking away all the money you earn and then returning a portion of it to you but giving much of it to someone else. It rewards ineptitude and punishes industry and effort. It removes any possible incentive to excel at anything. Read Brave New World 1984 Animal Farm Atlas Shrugged Anthem One We The Living
  • It is contrary to observable facts of reality.
  • Who told you?
  • Read the answers and I promise you anyone that says a lot about how bad it is, is the person who has zero idea of what they are talking about. No clue. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I like Socialism it's been a proven benefit in this country as well as many others.
  • I agree with Sandman
  • Socialism has failed in every nation which has embraced it. Socialismt restricts our freedoms and destroys the economy. The poor suffer the most under socialism, as there is limited economic growth and these economies stagnate. Would you rather live in North Korea or South Korea ?
  • I know what socialism is, and I like it. I wish America would give it a chance. Most people who dont like socialism, dont know the difference between socialism and communism.
  • It cares not for the individual, it seeks itself in increasing power-grabbing from the elite. It is ideological, but not realistic. It fails everytime it is tried, and will fail again.

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