• A prostitute and a condom.
  • A gift certificate to see a counselor. +5
  • Give him love Also remind him of how sad everybody would be if he took his life.
  • If he were determined he would have done so already, believe me, been there (depressed during adolescence), but didn't throw my life away nor did I take it because I decided to wait it out, and it was one of the smartest things that I have done. Best present? Hmmmm.... other than yourself, I would say alcohol, a YMCA membership card, alcohol, a BB gun, alcohol, a pull up bar, alcohol, a video game, alcohol, hmmmm..... yeah, that's kinda what I would have liked to have at that time; and no, I'm not trying to turn the dude into an alcoholic, I just think that some booze would do him some good, it helped me out at that time, so shoot... xD Hope I helped...
  • A big fat Spliff. He is Depressed - Weed Will cure his depression He is determined to throw his life away - Weed will help him achieve this.
  • Tickets to a ball game that you both can go to together, spend time with him, get him interested in something.
  • hmm, asking strangers on the internet what to get someone that's going through an awkward and difficult phase in his life. the kid doesn't stand a chance
  • A hooker.... it may not be good for him long term but it'll be a distraction thats for sure!
  • force him to live the life you want him to live,manipulate him and force him to live the life you want him to live
  • Assuming that you're not talking about a potential suicide here (and from the other responses you've given it seems that's not the issue -- so you might want to be more careful with the wording of a Q in the future), what he needs is "a reason to get up in the morning". In other words, he needs to be excited by something. I would recommend a summer session at Outward Bound. Turning kids and young adults around in a good and healthful way is one of their specialties. Take him fishing, camping, sailing, somewhere outside of his current life and activities, and into something that demands his participation. Spend TIME with him.
  • How about trying to find out why he is depressed and cutting himself off from the World. You say in other comments that you don't live close - how about he come stay with you for a week or two to get him out of his current environment. It would also give you the opportunity to find out what is going on at home that is making him withdraw. Teenagers go through moody phases but unless we draw them out of their lairs every once in a while it can become a difficult habit to break.
  • Well if he is an animal lover a pet may help. I know this worked for someone I knew he completely changed when he resuced a little dog which depended upon him and loved him unconditionally. It made him feel needed and probably more so as it was a rescue pet that perhaps helped him relate more. Good luck, I hope you find something to put a spark back into his life.
  • Love and money.
  • ...a guitar, and a mixer... If he can play guitar, and record his work... ...its really good for meditation, medication for the soul...and expression. Get him really something good, looks good...sounds good, something good. It would be an excellent investment. ....its your sons life, and future.
  • First, talk to him in a non-threatening way. Second, get him in to see a doctor. Perhaps some anti-depressants for the short term. Third, if the person is not allergic to animals, get him a dog. Dogs are great to play with and great to companions. Forth, teach him to take one day at a time or maybe one minutes at a time,as they come... When my wife died, I had to learn to live one minute at a time. Fifth, get him a Bible and take him to a good church with a youth program.
  • Perhaps a trip with you to say...Disneyland, the beach, or the mountains where there are other people his age having a good time.
  • An outdoor challenge, like a survival course, for no less than 2 weeks, under the guidance of leaders who have a caring side to them but still demand that each person in the group "pulls their weight."
  • A friend who really and truly cares about him.

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