• Because the American educational system is a joke, and has been for decades.
  • I think it could be because the media glorifies the "get rich quick" morons who lip-sync their way to fame and fortune never learning how to spell "sic em" or "come 'ere" either. Why drudge and work through school when you can just buy pants 10 times to big, sag them over your ass, add some bling, and sing about bussing a cap in a whore's ass and hit the big time?
  • It teaches kids to become good workers, not expand their knowlage or learn useful skills. Their just teaching BS.
  • Well I am one of these young adult Americans in college. I don't really know why. Besides I have been in school forever, ha ha...seems like most of my life. Where it just becomes a challenge. Plus I think a lot of people take it for granted. I have been to three different colleges. I watch so many kids finally break free of their parents and such and end up drinking their way out of college. I have seen so many smart intelligent people just party non stop and grades end up slipping. But I don't have a real answer I guess just the view of a 22 year old. I don't think its media though. I just think there is some places that are failing in the young adults life. Like I have this younger sister who lives with her dad. She lived with us up until she was thirteen, my mom always placed a huge emphasis on education and doing our best. There were expectations. She had a high IQ and always was on A honor roll. But she moved to her dads, who doesn't devote a moment to her education or really her. She now makes C's and D's. So I think that parents have just become more lax, for reasons that they could be working more to where they can't spend much time with their children, or for whatever reason. But I guess this is just my opinion. Good question.
  • After the women's movement opened careers to women other than teaching or nursing, there was a huge brain drain from the schools. The schools don't pay a lot, the work schedule is tedious, and education has become so politicized that it's not about education anymore.
  • thats a good question. i'll say what my dad always says about that. the banks and the schools work together, so that means education isn't free or cheap. so to further your education, you'd have to take out a loan and still own lots of money and pay them off for many years to come. if getting into colleges weren't so expensive there would be many more young adults in school continuing their education and graduating. i'm sure there are other reasons too.
  • The american government created a system which designed the kids to be ignorant, foolish, self centered, no morals. this system is made of music, the media, movies, video games and many more.
  • I think American young adults take education much more seriously than young adults in quite a few other countries, including Italy and Mexico. In Italy for instance, if you have to take 15 years to finish college and you're living with your parents, that's ok, sip your cappuccino, and have a good time. In the US, students want to graduate, and usually cant wait to get out there to have their independence and start earning money.

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