• Essentially you really can't make it work. Many people do, but for the most part if you have to ask, then you are very much like the rest of us who know that it does not work. Long distance relationships dont work primarily because there is little area of commonality. Being apart from that person will cause you and that other individual to grow into different directions thus making you into people who are different from the people you were when you met.
  • Long distance relationships, just like any other relationships, take love, time and effort. People who always say that long distance relationship doesn't work it's only because they are too afraid to try it or perhaps never truely fallen in love with anyone that's not within their area. Yes, it's true that long distance is geographically undesirable, but if the love shared between two people is genuine, then anything is possible. Love should not be measured based on distance, background, religion or whatever...all it matters is how you feel for the other person. Of course, there is a downside to it that you don't get to do things with the other person. However, technology is so great nowadays that there's the telephone, there's webcam, and there's the airplane that takes you to your love anytime you want. I don't think when people ask about long distance relationships that they plan to stay that way forever...but nobody says that the distance will keep you from learning more about the other person, become better friends, then lovers...then if your life permits or you're really in love then you will find a way to be closer to each other. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." The biggest issue with long distance relationship is trust...because quite frankly, you won't know if the other person is cheating on you or not. However, if you don't trust the other person, why be in a relationship at all? And if he cheats when he's far away from you, what makes you think he won't cheat when he's close to you? There are some couples who live in the same city as each other but rarely ever see each other at all. It's hard, but it doesn't mean it can't work. Not a lot of people will be able to handle this pressure, but those who do and still find love despite the distance, then their reward is a lifetime of happiness and true love. One of the most common sayings is that "love has to withstand the test of time and distance" have to ask yourself the question: can this person love you 10 years from now when you're not as young and pretty? Or can this person still love you when you're thousands of miles apart and yet he still remain faithful? If you answer yes to these questions, congratulations you are very blessed. But if you answer no to any one of them, then you haven't found true love. To me, people who are in a long distance relationship gets their test of love early in their relationship, and those that have a short distance relationship will get their test in the future...for instance, might be one day after the couple get married and the husband has to go to war. How to make it work? Trust and communication! When two people connect on the highest level, nothing can keep them away from each other. So is it that long distance relationships don't work or is it simply because the love isn't there?
  • They can work, but generally not over the long term. If there is an end in sight, it is much easier to continue the relationship than when the couple considers the distance to be the norm in the relationship. The problem with long distance relationships is that the two people are very likely to grow in different directions since they have little to share. This is especially a factor in teenage romances when many significant life changes occur. In any long distance relationship, quality communication is essential - not just two hours of "I love you honey bunny. I love you, too. I can't wait to see you. Me neither. I love you so much. Me, too." and so on and so on ad nauseam. Find ways to share common experiences, like by talking about a favorite show that the two of you watch, or reading the same book. Ironically, don't call too much since you can end up following into patterns like the one above. Instead, call when you actually have something to say. If you just want to say hello, call and say hello but keep the conversation short by saying that you were just calling to say hi and hear his/her voice between classes, before going to work, on your break, etc.
  • There is an old saying in Spanish which in a direct translation to English would mean: "Love from afar, the four of them happy". (Amor de lejos, felices los cuatro). Which of course means, that in the long term...both partners will find a new partner on their geographical end. I believe that in some cases, it can work, but not for very long periods of time.
  • Ultimately if you are serious about each other, one of you will at some point need to re locate. Until then, keep in communication, see each other as often as possible and work toward one of you moving.
  • me nd my girl friend hav known eachova for around a year now nd its long distance were doin great a few arguements but wat can yu expect? we talk everydai on tha fone,msn,txt we r both wntin to EVENTUALLY live together . so my advice is just keep in touch every dai nd talk den if yur reli serious at a later stage move in together.good luck !!
  • i am in a long distance relationship right now, and quite frankly, i find it very irritating that someone would tell you that it wont work. they obviously have not experienced true love. love can withstand anything, so ignore pessimists and believe in yourself and your partner. at times it hurts really bad, you feel empty inside because you miss the person so bad. just talk alot and dont keep secrets. dont put yourself in situations where there is temptation. and the number one rule is, just have faith and give your partner the benefit of the doubt, always. dont let anyone discourage you, theyre ignorant. visit often too! long distance makes it hard, but you are able to grow into your own person andhave your own groups of friends. but it pays off, everytime you finally get to spend time with that person. it will take effort, faith, and communication. good luck!
  • Okay, I am going to start by saying you can't MAKE any relationship work, that being said I know long distance is harder, but if you love each other you will find a way. for example I moved from Minnesota to Washing to to be wth the woman I love. All I can say is love each other and make sure you comunicate and i think it'll be just fine, if its meant to be it'll happen cause you'll make it happen.
  • You can't

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