• golden, especially their loyalty
  • Shih Tzu are great pets! they have hair so they don't shed and don't aggravate allergies! they are small so don't knock toddlers over. BUT they do have to go the groomers for haircuts unless you want to brush 2x day!
  • Retrievers -- Labradors and Goldens
  • Depends on the age of the children and the age they are when you get the puppy. Some dogs have a tendency to attach to one family member more than others and have been known to nip or even attack anyone who get's close to them. Having a puppy introduced to the kids when they are young is better. If the dog is introduced to the family before the children come. It can be dangerous for the baby. So it depends. I love HUGE dogs. But refuse to get one because of a bad experience with a Dalmation I adopted when my son was little that was Kennel crippled by being in a cage too long in a puppy mill. The dog attatched to me and attacked my son while he hugged me good night. I had to give it away.
  • My girlfriend had a pug. They are the great for families. +5
  • One who'll accept responsibility, hold a job, support his wife, etc., while simultaneously not minding being referred to by pejorative animal names? - ;-)
  • For me I have two chihuahuas and love them.They play really well with my 9 month old baby and sleep with her. My mother also has one and she loves him. Labs are great too but their first two years is crazy they love to chew on everything and have alot of energy. But after that they are so loyal and a great family pet.
  • Greyhounds are usually excellent pets as they generally have a sweet and gentle disposition.
  • golden labs are what my family has had and they are awesome dogs. really, really good around young kids as well.
  • I'm gonna go with an Akita Inu. My foreman's woman has an Akita and it took out a doberman that was running toward the family like a frisbee. I'm also going with the Japanese breed because they're leagues cuter than the American breed.
  • a labrador
  • I think English Bulldog is one of the greatest family dogs. They do not look like the ordinary house dogs , but they just love children.
  • Terrier breeds are great for an active family full of kids. They have high energy and don't have a tendency to bite like Labs or other well known biters.
  • As a breeder of Goldens, I have to go with Golden Retrievers! They have soft mouths, which also makes them excellent around small children. They are not biters or barkers! They bark an alert when something enters the family's area, and they're done. +5
  • I would say a Labrador Retriever, great with kids,I myself have a sheltie, and love that little guy.
  • chocolate lab is what i got we got it when it was a puppy and raised it with the kids, it was great!
  • Depends what kind of family you are. Think about how much time you want to spend grooming, exercising and training the dog. I love Bischon Frise but they are one of the hardest to house train. Labs and Retrievers are nice but the shedding is awful and they are prone to hip problems. My neighbors have King Charles Cavalier Spaniels which so far have been amazing dogs! There are quizzes on line you can take that will help narrow it down.
  • anything thats not a poodle. i grew up witht hem and they SUCK! well i loved em' anyways. get a big ol' chocolate lab. theyre the funnest.
  • Depends on the family. Depends on the time that will be spent with and the care provided. Depends on the temperment and knowledge of the people and about 41 other variables. If you are thinking of one I hope you work to narrow your research and understand that a pet takes time, money and commitment. There are way too many abused and neglected pets in the world and that cute 10 pound lab will can turn into 110 pound of out of control bundle of energy. +5
  • If you like large dogs, nothing is better than a Newfoundland, the 'Nanny dog'. They are called the gentle giants. They are excellent with children and used to be used to babysit children many years ago. The dog in Peter Pan was a Newfie.
  • May I suggest a bernese mountain dog? They are fairly large, loyal, intelligent and mildly protective. They are great with kids. Source:
  • One that has batteries
  • Border Collie, they're the smartest dog and very friendly by nature. I have one myself.
  • chihuahua,german shepherd,labrador-chow chow mix...

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