• Absolutely no way can I do the splits.
  • I never could do the splits but check this out to the end
  • No, I can't do the splits! Ouch to that! But I can sit with my legs folded for hours!
  • Well, this summer when I was in Denver, I had to act in a play where someone read a story, and we did the actions according to the story. And of course, they had ten volunteers come up, and them AFTER you volunteer you learn what your part was. Well, I was a cheerleader. And near the end of the story, the reader said "...and the cheerleaders did the splits", and well, being a guy, I did my best, but man that hurt really bad. But to answer the question, no, I can't do the splits.
  • Once, very momentary when I used to wear Cowboy boots in the rid of them quick after. :0

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