• the celery stick pill
  • As in sales or as in effective? The field is awash with a good selection that have racked up millions if not billions in sales but I doubt you will find any that claim success over any length of time in being effective, healthy and one that hardly anyone would stay with - no magic pill.
  • They all scare me to death .... as they all have some SIDE EFFECT. I think to get rid of weight , we have to cut back on the fattening foods ... Eat at least ONE salad daily without dressing ... Drink a 16 ounce glass of water BEFORE each meal ... Drink at least two glasses of GREEN TEA Daily .. I personally dringk the Diet Green tea with Citrus .. and ; get exercise at leat three times a week ... I did it !! Went from 355 Pounds to 190 in about six months !!
  • Intelligence & good genes. Neither of which is hot in the west. Right Paris ;) Osara
  • Exercise, the sooner people realize that diet pills don't work the better.
  • meth, but i doubt you want to go anywhere near that eat less calories and exercise more and you WILL lose weight good luck
  • Hell's Angels "white crosses" aka methamphetamine! [This answer in no way constitutes an implied recommendation of same!] ;-)
  • Since the time I started using phentramin-d, I stopped using any other type of diet pills. Now, I don't want to experiment with anything else. I'm very happy with the claim and the results. You can try it and it works.
  • Dexedrine amphetamine, comes in wonderful time released capsules. Pretty colors to match any décor too.
  • Phentramin-D is excellent and Successful supplement for weight loss. It will get quite a bit of fat out of your system. There is not just one majic bullet though. You must do all the other things also, i.e., exercise, right types of foods, etc, etc. more information at -->

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