• I hate it too. I like nice hard wood floors, and then maybe buying a rug to put over it -- but not to cover the entire floor! Yeah, this would probably affect my choice on buying a house.
  • Absolutely. It's such a pain in the arse to maintain. One of the biggest selling points for us when we bought our house was that it is 95% tiled and hardwood floors. Only a few of the formal rooms are carpeted. It makes life a hell of a lot easier not trying to constantly clean up spills and messes out of carpet.
  • I do... But I still have it. I bought this house out of sheer stupidity. The carpet is the least of my worries.
  • It seems cheap to me. I have real oak on both floors of my house with Oriental rugs in most rooms. It is a small factor in what I would buy for a house as I could always install it myself for not that much money if the house didn't already have it.
  • I hate it not for any practical reasons just because when I finally actually got a house at 5 or 6 it was hardwood and thats what Im used to. Also carpeting reminds me of rich people, crazy people, and freakishly clean people, or a combination thereof. It just doesnt fit me.
  • I do not like wall to wall carpeting at all .... No; it does not play a role in the house I live in as I can always remove the carpet and use the bare floors and add area rugs etc .. +5
  • I don't have too strong of feelings either way as long as it's not some atrocious color or have mysterious stains. I despise linoleum though.

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