• The Liberal press has a hand in that pointing out the evils of large corporations and how we would all be better off if the government controlled all this wealth so they could hand it out to people who don't deserve it.
  • As long as there are crooks going unchecked willing to line their pockets instead of upholding any "ism" none will work.
  • Yes. I am a Socialist, and let me tell you, its a hell of a lot better than Capitalism, you say it has failed numerous times, but what about europe? They are almost all socialist, and all have a BETTER standard of living that the US, why? because they care about their people, not just profit like in the US. fact is theat wealth does NOT deserve to be horded into the hands of a few privilaged CEO bastards; it belongs to the worker, with out who there would be no company. Im glad people are pissed with capitalism; with any luck Obama, will have us going more toward Socialism...and theres not thing one the Capitalists can do about it.
  • Everyone wants a free lunch.. until they open it up and see it is a spam and mayo sandwich topped with government cheese and not a capitalistic steak burger smothered with mushroom. That's when they are willing to pay and are capitalists again ;)
  • Socialism hasn't failed numerous times. Socialism is about equality for everyone. Dictatorships area about providing for the ruling class. Dictatorships calling themselves socialist have failed. But true socialism on a large scale has never actually been implemented.
  • Everyone will never be happy no matter how or what it is. You can't please them all at the same time.
  • No government in the world has complete capitalism, not even America going to public school is a socialist idea. No government ideology is better than the other, they both have the pros & cons to it. Plus I also think you're thinking about communism that has failed over and over again not socialism.
  • isms suck
  • Tell us just how many socialist states have them off. Are you aware the vast majority of Russians long for the socialist republic they once lived under because they were so deceived by the west? I'm not saying they were right or wrong, but most Russians would gladly take back the USSR.
  • I do not see how you can call socialist countries such as Sweden and Germany "failed". They may be different from the US, but they are just as happy and healthy, nearly as rich, and more equal. Their richest may not be as rich as America's richest, but their poor are a lot less poor than America's poorest. America has decided to let some suffer that others may benefit. Which it its democratic choice. But by the more egalitarian choice of their electors, socialist countries are better off.

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