• I think if you had a tubal ligation while married, that'd be pretty hard to hide. More on topic: If you can't tell your mate that you've had these things (before or after your marriage), perhaps this is not a person you want to share your life with. That said, I'm pretty sure "we talked all the time about how I want children and s/he never told me when s/he KNEW s/he couldn't" is probably classified as deception when you go to divorce court. Abortion I'm more wavery about. Obviously, again, bad choice of mate if you can't tell, but some people do make bad mate choices. If you're in an abusive relationship and the last thing you need is to have another baby, the second-to-last thing you need is to have to tell your husband that you had an abortion.
  • Required? Like a law? No. Because I'm a libertarian. Now on the other hand, if you go ahead and get some form of reproductive procedure done and you don't tell your husband or wife, there is a major communication issue in your relationship. Having children, not having children, and aborting a child, are HUGE marital issues that affect both partners in a marriage.
  • No, haven't you hear of HIPAA? Somebody eles's medical procedures are their business, and their's only.
  • Well i think u should at least talk 2 ur husband about having anything like that done. well u eat together u live together & u decide together on different things.
  • I think they shoudl tell their spouse or future spouse about any of those things. It is very important.
  • Ethically, they should, but not legally. I'm against any attempt to legislate morality.
  • Sheeet! "required"?! Forget even about "love"; that's just common honesty and respect!
  • absolutely!! it is common respect and esspecially effects not only the person having the procedure, but there husband or wife as well. If my husband went and got a vasectomy without speaking with me, id be very tempted to get a divorce. as he knows i want children eventually.
  • It depends on the procedure.
  • No. The spouse might be abusive or try to use the information to harm the patient somehow.
  • No, it should not be a requirement.
  • Yes I think so out of respect. Plus if they're married they should decide the fate of their possible child or their future of making children together. Discussing things and having respect is what keeps relationships healthy.
  • No, it's none of their business.
  • Yep +4
  • Required as in "we need another FREAKING LAW to tell us what we should already be doing because it's the RIGHT THING TO DO"?? Then, no. But, you should tell them.
  • As Weareallhypocrites said, it is an ethical matter not a legal one. . That said, it is certainly something that might be brought up in a divorce as failing to inform a fertile spouse that you have purposely made yourself infertile is a form of fraud.
  • "Required" does not always mean that something should be legalized. Love and reproduction are not state-mandated, then again; for how long?

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