• Only when there's a specific reason for calling, but then I never shoot the shit over the telephone, not with anyone. The phone for me is practical, not enjoyable.
  • its always i initiate they respond. i sent my brother four picture postcards...he sent me an email that he got them. he is supposed to send me four picture postcards. what is he thinking?
  • I have three sisters and they call me just to see what's up all the time and to share with me whatever is happening in their lives from some cute thing a toddler said or did to where they're going on vacation and what did I think of someone's house/hair/kids/car (whatever, lol. I can't remember the last time they called because they wanted something from me, other than advice.
  • yes they do somtimes your friends are more family than your own family
  • That is part of being family. Life is busy but you should always be able to lean on family even if your on the giving end more than you want to be. Love is not always 50/50 but when it is your turn hopefuly your "sibling" is there for you.
  • My sister calls me for family functions and camping, my brothers only when they need something.
  • No, my sis calls me sometimes just to shoot the shit..:)
  • My Brother only calls when he need something.. :(
  • The latter! it works both ways!! :-/
  • Haha! and i thought it was just my family! Mine call to bitch about eachother or if they need something, and I call just to see how everybody is as i genuinely care!!!!
  • when they need something. +4
  • My siblings calls only when they need something(selfish people). But when I call them for something (not for money, just need personal help) they say that they don't have a time to talk or to receive my calls. They don't have a money to call, but they have money for keep chatting with their friends and others. They always says that they have a lots of problems that they need money for, after I send money to them, (they don't work and not try for too, but they need somebody's money) they enjoying with their families and husbands, also even they don't care until they get some other problem comes. But they never,ever asking me about my problems? They always says about their problems only?. Every time I visit them, they keep asking something from me, they never ever pay a penny on anything and nothing. And also they steal something without knowing me and also lie for money too. I already helped on many things, that they can't return it back, but they still keep asking me for somethings. I also have two teenage kids they are in college, one is studying in medical(already spent $40.000, it's a loan money) and other one is in 12th grade now, I don't have a job, only my husband works, he also pays home loans and other loans himself, my siblings don't understand this problems even I explained to them also. But I call them often and often like usual way. I'm not like them mean and selfish, because we are same blood relationship that's why.
  • My brother calls me only when he needs something. =P A typical teenager.
  • i got no siblings :(
  • Only when they need something!
  • Some of both but helping family is what family is for anyway. They rarely need anything anyway.
  • Of course only when they need something. I hadn't talked to my sister in 6 months; then out of the blue she called asking when I was going to home again "because she missed me". Come to find out she only wanted to "borrow" some money...
  • sad but true only when they need a loan
  • I have a brother in Arkansas who calls me now and again just to say 'hello', ask how I am, and "shoot the shit". (smile) We will meet up on Labor Day weekend. He is coming here. He is retired,..lucky dawg. We will probably just go out for a night on the town and maybe go for a fishing session on the lake. Good ole big bro. How do I love thee? I can't say, cause I would sound queer. (lol)

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