• Dilithium crystals are at the heart of the power for all Federation phasers and they are what power the main engines of the various Federation starships.
  • Phaser power can be generated from a number of sources, Worp drive power can be diverted to the weapons systems, Impulse power can be diverted to the weapons systems, Fusion generators can be a source of power for the phasers, The ships Primary power however is main source of power for the phasers.
  • All variants of the 24th-century Type I & II hand phasers and Type III Phaser Rifles store energy in a sarium krellide cell. Phasers are based on the rapid nadion effect, whereby energy is passed through a special phaser crystal resulting in a discharge of short-lived nadion particles.
    • mushroom
      In the Star Trek universe, nadions are artificially created particles which disrupt the nuclei of atoms, thus disintegrating them.
  • According to fandom it was a power cell.

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