• I believe so, yes.
  • Of course.
  • Yes... some people can capture good images and some can't... some people know how to use cameras to their full capacity.. some just know how to press the button..
  • Yes it is but it depends on what you take pictures of. I can't think of the guy's name but in Cincinnati a few years back he was taking picture of dead people and called it art when he was taken to court.
  • Yes. I have seen some artistic photos that are amazing and worthy of hanging in a gallery.
  • Yes, very much so. Every picture tells a story...
  • Sure it is and as in any other art form there are master pieces and pieces of S***.... mine tend to be the latter. :D
  • Viable? Sure. Photography has been around for almost 200 years, and it has developed greatly over that time, not just in terms of technology but also in artistic technique and theory. Are you sure "viable" is the word you mean?
  • Not really. I would say that it is the capture of art that has already been placed in front of you. That requires great skill (my dad was a photographer), however you don't exactly create new art, you just capture it when it occurs
  • Absolutely. Of course, there's different kinds of photos and they're not all art - just as you can whitewash a wall or create a painting - both involve painting.
  • As an avid photographer, I am somewhat biased. I truly believe that photography is an art form. To combine and paraphrase other answers, some folks create works of art and others just push the buttons. Not every photograph taken will qualify as a work of art and not every photograph that I take will qualify as a work of art, but if all of the elements come together with the right technical know-how, there is much emotion and beauty that can be recorded and shared. Many think that just because they own a camera and know how to click the shutter, they have the right to call themselves a photographer and despite that obvious enthusiasm, that is not always the truth. However, art is subjective and everyone will get something either slightly or widely different out of each individual work of art. It is up to that person to decide whether they themselves consider that photo to be art, or not.

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