• handguns
  • Oh a lot of things like drinking alcohol, eating pork, pornography ...
  • Marijuana, better that way.
  • open sex
  • Allowing your dog to foul the pavement.
  • The word "ban" is not often used in the US - we prefer to say restricted or against the law. To ban something sounds rather harsh almost tyrannical. Now if you if you believe to outlaw something is synoymous with banning something the list is long indeed. +5
  • Taking pictures off freeway bridges without a prior permit and adequate safety measures. Bringing a screaming baby into parliament. Driving while on the mobile phone, drunk, without a belt or under the influence of narcotics. Ooh, and riding a motorcycle without a standards approved helmet.
  • Everything mentioned by the others.
  • Fun. Also, MSG, so I have to hunt out American foods...
  • Access to firearms (but that doesn't stop criminals and paramilitaries using them). Pepper spray, mace, tasers, smoking in pubs, all classes of drugs. But you can purchase herbs and pills quite legally that can give you a 'high' with no fear of prosecution. Police scanners are banned but a lot of people have them or if you have an amateur radio licence you can listen in as much as you like.
  • I don't know if its a written law but It's evident that Common Sense in Banned in our Government.
  • In the Red States of America: Sense.
  • 1. anything that is less than complimentary towards the king, the queen, the late princess-mother, or the heir apparent - or the regent when there is one. Of all the things that are banned, this is probably the only one that is enforced, and it's enforced fanatically. Dis the Royals and you're going to jail for a long time. 2. YouTube every 6 months or so for about 6 months, in response to someone posting another uncomplimentry video abou the king. 3. gambling - which translates into "no playing cards in public," even if it's Go-Fish with your grandkids: do that, and you will be fined at the very least ... but actual gambling is rampant. 4. visual depictions of cigarette smoking - meaning all lit cigarettes (and only LIT cigarettes) get digitized out in print adds, newspaper photos, movies, DVD's, and TV shows and commercials ... but it's okay to show the close up of Benicio Del Toro's face while he's being drowned in the toilet by Clive Owen in Sin City even though he had a cigarette in his mouth ... It wasn't lit. 5. visual depictions of alcoholic consumption or alcohol adds - meaning they all get digitized out in print adds, newspaper photos, DVDs, and TV shows and commercials ... including the Heineken banner right behind the goal of every televised professional Soccer game ... and the goal with it. 6. visual depictions of guns or knives that are being used in a threatening manner - meaning every time one's pointed at somebody it gets digitized out in print adds, newspaper photos, DVD's and TV shows and commercials ... but showing the victim's brains get splattered all over the scene, or his guts gush out onto the floor is perfectly fine. 7. recreational drugs - - two words: Golden Triangle. 8. prostitution - ever been to Thailand? 9. begging (other than by monks) - ever been to Thailand? 10. smoking in a restaurant or bar (almost all of them open air and right on the streetside) - yes, we'd hate to befoul the pristine air quality of Bangkok and detract from other patrons' experience. (Pay no attention to all those 2-stroke engined tuk-tuks, song-teaws, and motor-bikes, or let alone the busses and trucks leaving a pitch black smoke-screen behind them for 100 feet.)
  • Alcohol!
  • Marijuana is illegal.
  • non-freedom
  • Freedom. I'm in the USA under the Obamanator.
  • Some kinds of 'closed' sex.
  • True Scottish haggis, sheep lungs and all, hasn't been legal to import to the USA since 1971, when the U.S. Department of Agriculture banned the use of lungs in food.
  • Fun and sex on tv....canada sucks ass -_-
  • Riding motorcycles without helmets, driving without seat belts, public prayer in school, ... anything the Nanny States of America doesn't like.
  • I don't want it, I just want the stuff it's in that they wont import here :)
  • In the UK, it is a criminal offence to own or watch television without a licence costing approx $200 per year. You even have to pay this if you own a TV but never watch it. The money raised is used to fund the BBC which means that it does not need advertising revenue or Government money. In theory you can go to prison for the crime of unlicensed possession of a television.I am not sure if the law is ofen enforced though.
  • As of late, our freedom seems to be taking a big hit. Big government is back, worse than ever. They want to control everything and they are destroying them in the process.
  • Fox hunting Ebay has banned selling knives in the UK Smoking in public places Only ones I can think of!

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