• I assume you refer to spark plugs. *Warning* I'd suggest you read up on this before attempting it yourself. If you don't hook up the wires correctly, it could hurt your engine - or it may not start. *End Warning* First, go to a parts store and get the right plugs (they will be able to find the right ones for your vehicle). Next, make sure that you have the right tools: -A ratchet with a spark plug socket (there are two kinds of these sockets so make sure you get the right one) -A spark plug gapper (usually about $0.30) -Masking tape -A Marker -Gloves (optional but recommended) You will also need to check your owner's manual or some other source to find the right plug 'gap'. If you can't find this, ask the parts store you bought the plugs from. 1. Open your hood 2. Locate the spark plugs (there will be wires running to each one from a central source) 3. Label each wire with a number or some other method to make sure you can put them back in the same spot. 4. Remove all of the wires. 5. Remove all of the spark plugs and set them aside. 6. Using your gapper, bend the bottom 'hook' of each spark plug until the gap tool fits in to the correct mark. (Your parts store should be able to help with this) 7. Once all of them are correctly gapped, lay them gently down and be sure to keep them clean. 8. Insert all of the plugs, one by one, tightening them until they stop. Once they stop, give them a VERY small extra push (like 2 or 3mm more) 9. Reconnect all of the plug cables in the same order they were originally in. 10. Double-check your work. 11. Start the vehicle and make sure it runs well. I'm very tired so I hope I didn't miss anything. Good luck, Hope this helps

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