• boys are.
  • i think it depends on the kid
  • My mother has 5 daughter's and 1 son, she said she would rather raise girls, she found them easier. I have 3 girls and also have found them easy to raise.
  • From the evidence i've noticed from nieces and nephews, girls are easier to raise, until high school then you live in fear of what the boys will do to them.
  • I have one of each and their equally a pain in the arse to raise overall.
  • Girls are, but it depends on your priorities and what you think of as difficult. Girls cost more and use up a LOT more toilet paper. I know that as indisputable FACT!...and they never settle for cheap toilet paper..always want the fluffy expensive as hell stuff. ;) Boys break more stuff and tend to be much rowdier, but once they reach a certain age they tend to just go their own way while girls stick around forever like glue.. Take your pick. ;) I raised 1 boy three girls and a granddaughter...make it four then.
  • I believe boys are easier yes. But that's only because I AM a girl... and was VERY difficult. and I have all boys no girls.
  • My mom says girls, my dad says boys.
  • i think boys are cuz girls are know to be too emotinol and sensative and gurls have to go through alot more than boys
  • Cherish whatever happens..
  • Really it all depends on the child. I have all boys but they all have issues that make them more difficult to raise than the average child. I think it also depends on their age too. I notice girls are easier when they are little, then as they get older they get mouthy and overall, very moody. :o) Boys are harder when they are young because they tend to be rough and enjoy breaking stuff! :o)It can get expensive!!! They both tend to be more expensive when they get older and they both tend to become rebellious at a certain age. Like I said, it just depends on the child. It is questionable.

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