• I'm kinda old fashioned. I'm one of those people who think the 1st Star Trek series should have never been cancelled. If Gene Roddenberry hadn't been so stubborn and let someone else write for the show, the third season would have been about more than Kirk Spock and Bones doing time travel on interstellar variations of Earth, (with aliens who always looked human) That's my peeve. lol😆😇😈
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      I was never a Star Trek fan, but I have to agree with you. Of the different versions, the original was (ahem) the "best". I see too many people living in a fantasy world to think Star Trek was ever a positive influence on anyone - and its subsequent sequels...we're talking Looney Tunes here.
  • The problem I have answering the question is this: the old, great shows would be redone terribly by modern TV show producers who feel the need (or desire) to be "inclusive" and "edgy" and who also feel the need to "re-imagine the series". *** For example: if they redid Perry Mason, then Perry would be a homosexual (Raymond Burr supposedly really was), Della would be a tramp who slept with the clients, Paul Drake (the private investigator) would be a switch-hitter or a transsexual or (also) a tramp, Hamilton Burger would be corrupt (secretly TRYING to convict the person he KNEW wasn't guilty) and Lt. Tragg would either be an idiot or in cahoots with the mob. Not more than three of these characters would be "White" - not because they were written that way or were originally described that way, but PURELY for the sake of "inclusiveness". * * * What about a family show, like Hogan's Heroes? Sexual jokes, including homosexual jokes, would abound. Probably occasional toilet humor. At least one of the regulars would be a homosexual...probably more than one, so that there could be a homosexual relationship. Inga wouldn't just be frequently caught canoodling with Hogan and the higher-ranking Nazi officers. She'd be having sex with them. Likewise the occasional female "guest star" would always sleep with one (or more) of the regulars. Etc. *** For examples, see the re-do of the Agatha Christie series, "Sherlock", etc. *** Exception: I think they did a pretty good job with the Lost in Space redo. Making it a more serious show was a no-brainer. They could probably do the same quality redo with other campy shows like Batman, for example. *** SO, apart from camp, most likely the only shows that they would possibly redo decently are recent shows, shows that ALREADY have the modern characteristics that TV show makers insist on including. Maybe they could do a good job at redoing Seinfeld or MI-5 or Law and Order.
  • Chuck.
  • I was partial to Hill Street Blues, but if they brought that back, I'm afraid their theme would change from enforcing the law to accusations of police brutality. Law and Order (the original) would have a bottomless well from which to draw ideas.
  • Along came Bronson
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      Back in the day, I used to ride a small motorcycle. The parents of one of the few friends that I've stayed in touch with over the years used to call me "Bronson". It was all in good fun. Good times, they were.
    • Angster Gangster
      Maybe its time for you to get another one. There is no expiration date for the enjoyment you get from the smell of wild flowers on a country road with the wind your hair. A good part of my social security check gos right into into the gas tank of my Harley or My light weight dual sport bike. When you've got the wind in your face & your knees in the breeze its easy to believe that the road go's on forever & the party never ends. .
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      I'd love to. But an accident blinded me in one eye and I have trouble with depth perception. Bike riders depend more on mirrors than car drivers because car drivers have a least a little protection in the event of an accident, whereas motorcyclists don't. But I'd love to have another one - there's a 300 mile trip I'd like to go on.
  • Star Trek
  • Wow - bible-reviews really hates gay people. Time for her to set her hair on fire!
  • Mr Show with the original comics David Cross and Bob Odenkirk.

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