• Component Video/Audio or antennda cable wire.
  • It's hard to say without knowing the specific model of VCR and model of TV you have. With a VCR, the most likely cords you'd need would be audio cables plus an S-video or coaxial cable. If you go to the manufacturer's website for your VCR, look up the specifications for the model you have -- one of the features will list the connections you can make. Look for the audio in connections on your TV (usually it will be one white one and one red one) and the video in connection on your TV (which could look the same as the audio ones or could be completely different) and then find the sockets that look the same on your VCR. This is easiest if you have the owner's manual for both, but you can find them on the web pretty easily.
  • Look at the back of the VCR for 'outputs' and on the back of the TV for 'inputs' and see if any of the holes look the same :)
  • Do you have little round colored holes on the backs of both the TV and VCR? I think a "co-axial" cable would do the trick then. They are actually 3 wires together with red, white, and yellow prongs on either end. At least that is what my tv needed.

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