• It comes from your mind and spreads throughout your entire body.
  • Inside your mind, heart and soul. Its a choice,a state of being mentally or spiritually at peace, with enough knowledge and understanding to keep yourself strong in the face of discord or stress.
  • The centre of your being , your mind, if that is at peace then you are at peace.
  • Knowing that your heart is in the right place.
  • Inner peace comes from within,including emotionally, physically and spiritually. If we happen to be stressed or overwhelmed, inner peace can come from meditation and relaxation.
  • It doesn't come from anywhere. It is everwhere, and within. I know that may sound cryptic, but it's true. Inner peace is not something you search for, and, as a result of struggle, can find. It's like trying to beat the people you know into being your friend. Inner peace is realized, and you do so by being still long enough to allow it it surface. Often, we use words like "inner peace" without even coming to terms with what that means, exactly. But what is it, if not the realization that there is nothing to fear nor worry about. That is simply a truth available to us. It doesn't "come from" anywhere. It just is. You must realize that all the fear and worry you face every day, cannot solve nor change your circumstances. In fact, they only serve to complicate them. Realizing the futility of fear and worry about things you cannot change, is the realization of inner peace. And that is a peace that abides within you while the world around you is in utter chaos.
  • Inner peace comes from meditation. Meditation brings calmness of mind. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.
  • I think you find it in the canned metaphors section over near the Whoop-A**....;-D...
  • I like some of the other answers here, but I still want to go at it from a different angle: We get into trouble when we form ideas about how we should be or how life should be, and start pursuing those ideas. The moment we form an IDEAL about life ( e.g. "I should find Inner Peace"), what we really do is turn on the "comparison engine" of the mind. In order to pursue an ideal, one has to form concepts and images which represent the ideal, and then constantly COMPARE one's perception of "the way it is" with the ideal. You can guess who wins this comparison hands-down every time: the ideal wins. What that leaves us with is the notion that there is something WRONG with reality just as it is. In fact, this is actually how we come up with the notion that reality is imperfect -- we have a bunch of ideals which live as concepts in the mind, we compare those to our perception and concepts about reality, and conclude that "this isn't it". The good news is that there's a cure for this disease... it's possible to become aware of one's own ideals, see that they're merely concepts, and observe the comparison / judgment mechanism in action, and see that it's just an automated thought process -- it's not really TRUE that reality is "wrong", this feeling is a byproduct of the comparison-to-ideals procedure. To the degree that we can see clearly in our day-to-day lives with regard to these ideals, their grip on our minds can begin to relax. One can then begin to have unusual experiences... sitting at the car wash, waiting, noticing the way the light reflects off of the soapy water running down the gutter, deeply moved by the rainbow of colors reflected in a bubble. Enough moments like that... of just being present to reality JUST AS IT IS, and one begins to understand what "inner peace" really is.

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