• evidently they do lol
  • Sadly. Yes. Its all psychological of course. Shouting just makes people hate you or agree to someone out of fear.
  • yeah i think so...there was this one kid in my class and he had be diagnosed with ADD. really sweet kid, everyone loved him. he had obvious trouble focusing in school, and would sometimes ask teachers to explain things. one teacher believed that if you say the same thing you just said, only louder, that he would understand. it was really sad.
  • yes, they do
  • Let's give thanks to their god that's all they can do these day. In times past, they used to burn you at the stake to show you their love
  • They say thats why stupid people 'win' arguments more because they simply dont know when to quit and the more intelligent person turns and walks away leaving the stupid person thinking 'yeah I got them good'. I can honestly admit I've been in both of these roles.
  • it's worked for america
  • In some peculiar way it seems to convince them that they've won the argument.
  • ABSOLUTELY YOU #$%$ING PINKO NOW GO VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!!!111 . Actually that might not work. Let me know if you are persuaded.
  • Well you just described the principle (arguably the only) tactic of radical feminazis and most of the shrill Left. But then they're not trying to win converts: they're trying to silence opposition and intimidate milquetoast administrators. And while one's adversary is hardly ever won over by such methods, I'm sure there have been many bystanders who've been won over watching what appears to them to be the abject humiliation and degradation of the opposition. But the tactic is almost as likely to backfire by creating sympathy and respect for its victims. None-the-less, remember, human "reason" did not evolve for the purpose of finding the truth. It evolved to play social games. (And the typical high level academic research scientist, mathematician, philosopher, and even artists tends to have very poor social skills.)
  • I can't speak for EVERYONE, but in MY "way of thinking" (Christian), I believe that yelling and rudeness is not necessary. Even Jesus, himself, didn't get into "arguments" over the validity of his gospel!!! If someone takes it upon him(her)self to "spread the gospel"--then that's all that's should be done. No need for yelling, screaming, rudeness, etc. Either the person, (to whom the gospel is preached), will choose to accept or reject the "gospel." It's his/her choice--just like it was OUR choice (Christians) at one time!!!

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