• Yes I did. It didn't make much of an impact; I still don't wear them all of the time. I prefer contacts and sometimes I forget about them; but don't realize it until I try to read something!
  • Yeah, my vision was getting pretty bad for a while until I finally got my eyes checked. Buuuut to be honest, I just hardly ever wear them. In fact I should probably be wearing them now.
  • I got my glasses nearly a year ago, and wow what a difference it has made. I had noticed at the end of high school and thru college taht I had trouble reading the board, but i just sat closer/squinted and i never bothered to get it checked out. as time went on it got worse, and i started having trouble recognizing people from a distance. additionally road signs etc were hard. finally i decided to get it checked out when i bought a new tv, put it in a new spot, and couldnt read the tv guide. i went in and the doctor said, well you msot definitely need glasses! turns out i had astigmatism as well. now i can see sooo much better, i had no idea how bad it was before i guess! it's annoyign to wear them though, so ive been debating contacts but not sure. im sure as my eyes get worse ill have to wear the glasses more and then ill maybe consider it. but its made a big difference!
  • Yes, A lot, Yes.

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