• Hold on tight !
  • Lean forward, and press in with your heels to try and get them to go back down..shifting your weight forward. DO NOT pull back on the reins..grab mane! Once you have them coming back down, pull ONE REIN towards your knee. Loosen the other rein. This is to keep them from bolting on you. Remember, if you control the head, the body HAS TO FOLLOW! If they start to turn, you are doing it right, if the horse is truly panicked, they may spin a bit, but usually you can lock your legs and hang on till they stop. They won't do it for too long as a rule, and it does mean you have can even encourage them to spin or turn in circles until they calm or are tired of doing it and relax again. Needless to say none of this is optimum for an inexperienced rider...but the same rule applies no matter what level of experience you have. Control the head and the body must follow! Obviously, this information is considered for a situation where you do not want and did not plan for your horse to rear! Always remember SAFETY FIRST for both you, your horse, and others nearby. This can be a dangerous and scary situation to go through. If this is a reoccurring thing, you and your horse will benefit from additional schooling and practice. It's supposed to be a fun thing, not frightening or life threatening!
  • Hang on yo!...

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