• Door to door sales
  • Being a MOMMY! +5
  • ..firefolks...cops...teachers(most at the lower grade levels here)...and probably most of the folks tryin to survive this recession as well...b/c if employers were payin enough we wouldn't all be on super tight budgets...ok, off my soapbox now =)
  • teachers-people have NO IDEA how hard they work and what they put up with. ANy fast food or restaurant worker-how can anyone live on minimum wage. Some health care workers-spend all that time in school and they make less than people who pick up trash (at least here)..the list goes on
  • Fast food workers seem to do a lot of work for the worst pay allowable by law. When you are paid minimum wage, the employer is saying, "We'd pay you less if we could."
    • Army Veteran
      Fast-food workers receive minimum wage because that's all the job is worth - they don't call it "entry-level" because it sounds nice. If you're working at a fast-food restaurant and want more money, then make yourself worth more - take on more responsibility or go to a trade school where you can learn a skill that will make you worth more.
  • I have to agree with the majority here teachers, especially in the inner city urban areas and in rural areas. The good teachers want to work in the well-to-do suburbs but the inner city and rural teachers do the most with the least resources. I would rather pay double taxes for the school system than one extra penney for the prison system. Ironically, better schools means fewer prisoners.
  • School bus driver
  • dishwasher
  • swine technician
  • My job
  • hvacr technicians. And mind you, we don't break the bank like some people think. We work super hard in dirty stinking subzero freezers or 140 degree attics deal with crawling rodents of all sizes and diseases etc etc etc. Many of us work in such extreme demanding environments 7 days a week ON CALL try that out huh?! then hear about "others" omplaining that they may have to pay 1% more for their benefits package and OH NO they can't get 6 weeks paid vacation any more, only 5! (and if we want benefits we pay for them 100% after our gross, just that we get it for less than if we got it on our own). The path in my state is 5 years to a state licensed exam, meanwhile people have some absurd idea that we make $45 or more an hour, when probably thats only 1% of everyone in this field in the U.S. under paid is right. under-appreciated even more.
  • LAPD officer OVER PAID is LA County FIRE Over 150,000 a year
  • child care teacher cop fire fighter ambulance attendants
  • Any job dealing with the public and cleaning other peoples mess like a caretaker has to do.
  • Teachers Day care workers Police officers Funeral Home Attendants
  • it seems to me that most public service jobs get paid the least, such as many named above. I was a CNA and did a lot of physical labor, had to go to college and get licensed and still only made min wage...
  • teachers and most customer service positions for people who are very good at it.
  • Care home workers, and soldiers, particularly in combat situations where you can't exactly clock off at five o'clock every day and so your actual hours worked compared to salary can look pretty poor, considering what you are risking.
  • Nurses and Teachers
  • Teaching -- at virtually all levels but especially in the crucial elementary-school grades. I teach at a university, and despite the fact that I had to spend many more years earning my PhD than doctors and lawyers spend earning their graduate degrees, I am paid far less. Even so, I am much better off than your average 1st-grade teacher, though his or her job is arguably more important.
  • Here its wait staff. We got paid 2.13/hr plus tips and some days I didn't even make min. wage. They are required to comp you if you don't make min. wage but they average it over a week! Its definitely not enough when you have to work bar rush! Drunks are the worst!!
  • Nurses and teachers
  • teaching in elementary school and high school. Education is one of our most important parts of our country. Children are our future. Education is too.
  • teachers and nurses
  • Teachers and Nurses

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