• Just over £14,000 pound
  • A few hundred
  • Ummm 17 thousand dollars in the form of a money order.
  • Working, around 2 hundred dollars<waitress> But I have went to the casino and won a few thousand a couple of times.
  • $500 when I graduated elementary school :) I bought every damn lego set I could get my hands on!
  • I made several hundred dollars one day when the economy was still good... and still hope to do much better one day.
  • If by obtained for myself, you mean took out of my savings account, that would be the downpayment on our rental house. I went to the bank and asked them to make out a check for $25,000 payable to me. If you mean a loan, I had a check made out of our home equity revolving loan to pay off the car we had charged on our credit card in the amount of $32,000, payable to me, so I could deposit it into our checking account. When my parents passed away I received a check for $30,000 as my share of the estate.
  • i bought a 1973 dodge charger for 400 buck's bought a battery (50 bucks) 4 used tires (100 bucks) oil, coolant and a good wash and wax a can of blue paint for the motor and sold it for 1,600 the next day
  • Does breaking a trust, collecting an overdue bill, or settling a lawsuit count? In each case at the end of the day I ended up with a check in my hand that that I didn't have at the beginning of the day.

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