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  • 4some with another couple all the way. Trust me on this one, it's 10x hotter to have a 4some than to share one woman with another dude. Especially if you're not into guys at all. In a 4some you'll be able to experience both women, and maybe even have both to yourself while the other guy recovers. There is nothing in a f/m/f that you can't try in a 4some, and this way you'll never have to have the akward m/f/m experience.
  • Foursome with another couple, not only could you have sex with another, you could watch your the more the better.
  • Whatever you want. MFM is better for us and probably more natural since we don't have to share the attention and efforts. In a four you make love by couples then do two-on-one (or three-on-one if we are OK with being touched by another girl which most of us are) to the women. Only does happen that the guys can spend themselves on the other girl before they get back to me. An FMF three is more a fantasy for the guy where he gets to do whatever he wants with us.
  • Yeah the two threesomes.
    • JFinch
      Maybe the threesomes then later a foursome. Hot!
  • MFM for her. FMF for you. Fouyrsomes are cool too.

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