• Why don't you start by asking those questions of your own cault? Perhaps, the mother of that baby wasn't allowed to get an abortion when she wanted to because there was nobody available to do it thanks to you. Perhaps, she belonged to some cult with a great deal of prejudices and bullshit that compelled her to kill the baby. Who knows? But whatever the story, I'm willing to bet religion was behind it
  • It's hard to say, and that is quite sad. Humankind has been pretty messed up since square one. However, despite the fact that we are capable of great evil, we are also capable of great good as well. Have a nice day, Jesus is God.
  • Simple, there is evil in this world.
  • There certainly are jerks in this world that's for sure...
  • We have lost touch with each other, and I think that is the biggest problem. People know they can get away with all sorts of crimes because no one is around to notice.
  • +5 How sad. How sick and disgusting. I do not understand this. I cannot comprehend such a thing
  • satan is everywhere, just trust in God
  • There have always been demented, crazy people in this world since inception; however, we didn't have the lightening-fast communication then which we have now. I don't think there's more craziness now, relatively speaking.
  • This is hell
  • Yeah that's really messed up. Are people not aware of adoption?
  • Basically the same shit that's been going on since forever?
  • Well, it really sucks because each generation becomes more corrupted by having visions of sex and violence rammed down their throats; which leads to teen pregnancy, drug use and loss of goals. Along with the economy and war, I think we can only expect more of the same. This is one of the reasons I believe in abortion! If you don't want your child, and won't give it up for adoption; why make that child suffer?!
  • "I seen"-JiG, stop it. You know better than that and it detracts from your message. Which in this case is and important one.
  • The world is a sad place, what keeps me going is the grace of our Father. There is a trial for a woman who killed a pregnant woman and cut the baby out, the baby died and they are not charging for the baby's murder, just the pregnant woman!
  • Remember the Massacre of the Innocents?

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