• WHAT I DO ... Every other day, I cut the grass (have it down to about 20 mins, so not too time consuming). I set the lawnmower on its highest setting, cut the grass at 7:30 AM. Wait a day, lower the setting on the mower one notch, cut again at 7:30 AM, and so on. There are six notches on the mower, so on the 13th day, I edge and on the 14th day, I trim. By the 15th day, the grass cutting begins again. So, effectively, every other day I am running the lawn mower for them or some other yard tool at 7:30 AM. They complained about my yard, so I am just giving them what they wished for ... a perfectly manicured lawn :-) Am I evil?
  • I think you should run your mwer at 5am every morning....don't even mow the whole yard save some for the next day....(I wake up early anyway so i would do it as early as possible).....7:30 am wouldn't bother me a bit since i am at work by that time...
  • The question is; Am I an ass? Yes, yes you are. I would likely do something similar though. It bugs me when people complain about those kind of by-laws, they are so silly.
  • Tell Schwarzenegger and Obama about a place to cut the budget with no harm to anyone. CODE ENFORCEMENT. Those Brownshirts don't deserve a paycheck!
  • My neighbors complained about my yard needing mowed. With me working nights and it raining on the weekends I was having a hard time keeping up it so when I got home at 4:30 am I fired up the weedeater an run two tanks of fuel through it mowing the whole front yard. Never had a complaint since!
  • haha i think that is great, hope you can keep it going all summer long and then into fall and winter as well hehehe...+5.
  • I love it!! That's why I like not having neighbors. I can't believe there are people that will complain about something like that; don't they have anything better to do, LOL! And what if you were a 90-year old disabled person, would they do that even then? That's just mean. Buttholes!
  • Sounds like a plan to me... I used to get official notices and decided it was best to wait for them before mowing
  • excellent! maybe a little, but you might be my favorite ass in the world! which would be approprite since those dumb neighbors must be a pain in the ass, haha. hope they move!

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