• He might have worms... or maybe he's trying to dance with you.
  • my dog does this because his rear quarters need brushed. He doesn't rub his but on me, but everytime I go to pet him, he moves so that my hand is right near his tail end, and he dances, side to side. If this is not it, and he actually pushes backwards with is bum, you might wanna see the vet about the worms thing. Good question! +
  • It's really doubtful that he has worms, with this particular display. Far more likely is he would like a good butt scratch or pat. Hannah has her routine...each morning she presents her butt to me and I ask her if she needs a good "beating?" My job is to pat and scratch the top and sides of her rear end, while she shifts back and forth as if doing a slow rumba...deep rrr rrrr rrrrr sounds pouring from her mouth, tail curled and wagging away in bliss. I bet your fellow is just saying "gimme a nice rub here!"
  • ya think it could be worms my dog does it too and she stops when she is treated for them

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