• A jigsaw puzzle. If I'm uninterupted about one day. A logic puzzle. About 20 min. A cross word puzzle about 2 hrs.
  • That is impossible to say without knowing what kind of puzzle. Crossword ( not very long generally) Jigsaw depending on how large or how intricate the design
  • You mean like a jigsaw puzzle? For me it depends. If there are over 500 pieces it'll take me at least a few hours.
  • It takes me less than 10 minutes to complete a Sudoku puzzle. It depends what type of puzzle it is. If its a crossword puzzle, it'll take me 2 years to complete. If its anything other than that, probably a half an hour, an hour at the most.
  • I am wanting to know any kind of puzzle, jigsaw with 500+ pieces. Sudoku puzzle, crossword, just any type of puzzle really.
  • Well if you are talking jigsaw, I can finish a 2000 to 3000 piece scenery in about 8 to 10 hours. I love the things. If you are referring to endless jelly beans or marbles, that may take significantly longer. Other puzzles like crosswords vary on the level. I can do a Rubic's cube in about 3 mins. And of course there are puzzles like money traps, intertwined metal pieces, or horseshoes. Some of them are very difficult. I have several of those ...LOL
  • Until the last piece is in place.
  • as long or as short as i want
  • It depends on the puzzle.

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