• Maybe in some situations, but it wouldn't be purely because they were optimistic. When people are more optimistic about something, they are generally happier. When people feel happy, they usually do things that are healthier than the things they may do when their sad. For instance, if you feel good, you might decide to go out for a walk in the park with a buddy, while if you feel sad or angry you might decide to stay in and watch TV instead. So, assuming that the optimistic person would take better general care of themselves as far as exercise, diet, etc, perhaps they would be more likely to survive cancer than someone who just kind of gives up.
  • Yes, and they are also more likely to survive other life threatening diseases as well. Now, the question becomes why are they more optimistic? Is it because they are healthier?
  • Optimistic people are more likely to get through most things. If you think you can; you can. If you think you can't; you can't.
  • It is safer to say 'Yes'. Even if they don't survive they would have faced it much better than the pessimists.
  • "he who has a why to live can bear almost any how." ~ nietzsche. yes. i believe your body believes every word you say and every thought you have about your own body, and it responds in kind. if you think youre sick and never going to get better, its a self-fulfilling prophecy. if youre optimistic ~ you are eliminating stress for one, which is an immune system depressant, and two, you are visualizing yourself stronger, healthier and more vibrant and your immune system functioning is boosted in response to those thoughts. there are many other variables involved in beating cancer, but optimism is a very significant one. people who have a burning desire to live ~ a why to live, a fighting spirit, and positive attitude, are more likely to be survivors. ive observed friends and family members who have succumbed to cancer and others that have survived ~ and the major difference between them was that the survivors werent resigned to a "death sentence". they saw their disease as a wake-up call to make radical, healthier changes in their diet, lifestyle, work, and stress levels. but most importantly ~ it was a chance to take stock of their lives and whats most important of them, reach out to loved ones, forgive those who had hurt them, and reenergize their mind, body and spirit to make it through the ordeal in order to live out their dreams...
  • ABSOLUTELY!!!! When my mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer several years ago (she is cancer free now), we were told that the support system and the optimism of the patient are just as important as the treatment. They (docs & nurses) said that without a good support system and a positive outlook, the patient's chances of survival drop considerably.
  • I would say so. Someone with a strong mind has a much better chance of survival.
  • The optimism will give them the power to face the calamity calmly.The longivity is not dependent on anything spiritual,mental or physical. The body is deteriorating fast and in their case it does faster.It is the universal law.
  • I intend to be overly optimistic.
  • No, but they'll have a better life if it happens they die.
  • my nanna was the most optomistic person. my grandad, quite the opposite. my grandad is still alive, and my nanna isnt ;x
  • yes some believe your mind can heal i believe there is a cure but there is too much money in chemo
  • Absolutely, the human mind is the most powerful device on the planet. I have witnessed it work!
  • Yes. Laughter is the best medicine, and the more you laugh, the higher your optimism. And even if they don't survive cancer, these same people will likely have the peace they need to finally pass on.
  • It's difficult to know with certainty, because we can never question the optimistic ones who die. But we can be pretty sure that it doesn't hurt you to be optimistic.
  • I don't know of any statistical data on this matter to be honest. On one hand it seems that mental state can on some level affect your health and indeed other physical states. I'm thinking psychosomatic illness and possibly the placebo effect although I am fairly sure both are somewhat more complex that my drastic oversimplification! On the other hand though how much effect can this really have? If you take two people and drop them from 10,000 feet to a solid concrete floor their mental state isn't really going to help nor hinder either. So I suppose it may affect cancer survival rates to an extent but how much I would not like to comment too much. As an aside I know this is one of the ideas in things like 'The Secret'. THe problem I do have with this idea that you can think yourself healthy if you are positive enough about matters is that it is very very difficult to measure objectively. There is little hope of falsification as you can say to any situation where a positively minded person suffers an illness or whatever "oh well, they weren't positive enough or were just putting up a façade and weren't really thinking positively". So on that level I would be pretty sceptical about the whole idea. But to the weaker proposition I would probably agree tentatively whilst reserving the right to disagree. Which is a terribly long winded and pretentious way of saying: I don't know. ;) Although you have piqued my curiosity as to whether any studies have been done on this. Would be interesting to see some statistical evidence.
  • i've heard of laughter therapy for cancer sufferers - apparently the dopamine makes you feel better and healthier somehow. so, yes i suppose.

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