• Not for the working class. Things have gone entirely too far and nothing or no one can turn them back now. The best is yet to come
  • Yes, but that is simplistic. One of the joys of the capitalist system, is the boom and bust. We've had a terrific fifty years of almost continuous growth, we have toys that our grandparents could never have dreamed of. Cars, TV's and stereos to name just a few. It will probably take about three years for the economy to start sliding up again. If you work hard now, you will reap the benefits then. A word of warning for anyone living on government handouts, it is going to get very rough!!
  • Yes, that's how the system works.
  • Absolutely it will. That is what economies DO.
  • I think we'll see less and less of the middle class and more poor
  • yes but it will take time.
  • I think it's started to recover already, simply leading indicators like stock market indicators are making or already made their turn. But will have to wait another few months until job market to turn around.
  • Yep, just like it always has :)
  • It is already getting there .... VERY slowly .. but; surely ....
  • It will, once the idiots in DC figure out that the more buying power that people have to purchase good items (not ones from inferior companies that should go bankrupt) the better off we all are. Couple that with restrictions on credit to those who have shown an ability to handle it and things will be fine in a matter of time.

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