• I am not disgusted with him. It is time to move on and not be consumed with the past, learn from it and let it go.
  • Bush's Medicare bill deserves special attention. It will cost at least $534 billion over the next decade, and probably more. and still it doesn't even deliver on its liberal promises: It does much more to distribute new subsidies and tax breaks to doctors, HMOs, and the pharmaceutical industry than it does to help seniors. The Medicare bill is to Bush's domestic policy what the Iraq war is to its foreign policy: an enormous expense of dubious merit .
  • Indefinite detentions. Since 9/11, the U.S. government has imprisoned over a thousand people for minor violations of immigration law and held them indefinitely, sometimes without allowing them to consult a lawyer, even after concluding that they have no connections to terrorist activities. (Sirak Gebremichael of Ethiopia, to give a recently infamous example, was arrested for overstaying his visa,and then jailed for three years while awaiting deportation.) It has also claimed the right to detain anyone designated an "enemy combatant" in a legal no-man's land for as long as it pleases. Last month the Supreme Court finally put some restrictions on the latter practice, but that shouldn't stop us from remembering that the administration argued strenuously for keeping it.
  • The war in Iraq. Over a thousand soldiers and counting have died to subdue a country that was never a threat to the United States. Now we're trapped in an open-ended conflict against a hydra-headed enemy, while terrorism around the world actually increased.
  • The Bush administration's cutting of veterans' benefits has been one of the main outrages of the invasion of Iraq. When the American Legion attacks the right wing, you know they have gone too far.
  • I'm not. Now can we move on yo?...
  • He took away my right to have a gynecological exam without him being able to nose through the records. I guess he thinks women can fit terrorists in there.
  • The fact that he stole 2 elections. His lies - all of them. The wars for oil. His making toilet paper out of the constitution. The plunder of not only foreign countries but also the US. The 9/11 fiasco. His handing this country over to the corporations on a silver platter. His utter stupidity, evilness and hypocrisy. The depression. The brainwashing and the list goes on and on and on
  • Bush is the Fall Guy, he will take the hit and go down in History as a failed and stupid President. His buddies will be toasting each other on the golf courses/resorts/cruise ships. He is being used by the Far Right and don't even know it.
  • Looks like Iran is headed towards a Republic perhaps Bush was right from one republic springs many.
  • The gutting of the Constitution. He called it a "goddamned piece of paper." Many provisions of the Patriot Act ripped it into shreds.

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