• This is a loaded question. There are several issues here. First up... To use your UK PS2 you would need an adapter that would convert 60 Hertz AC power (US) to 50 Hertz (UK) there are several devices that do this, all of the ones I know of are in the $300 to $400 price range. Suppose you do go and purchase one of these devices (Frys might have one)... Second... The UK PS2 outputs a PAL signal that is incompatible with North American TVs which use NTSC as their format. While in the UK it is possible to purchase a multi region TV (which uses either 60Hz or 50Hz power and a PAL or NTSC input signal) they are hard to find on this side of the pond. But let us say you go and purchase one of these amazing sets... Third... Any DVDs you purchase here in NA will not play as not only is the UK PS2 expecting a PAL formatted movie, but the all DVDs here are region 1 and the UK PS2 is region locked and will only play region 2 DVDs. Your best bet is to purchase a used PS2 from EB or Game Stop (less than $100) and then try all your games (some will be NTSC compatible) and then take all the PAL only games and sell them and the UK machine on eBay. As for any UK DVDs you have... purchase a Philips DVP 642 DVD player (should be available at Frys or Wal-Mart for under $50) and perform the region hack (power on, open tray, press 7-8-9-OK-0 on the remote) and it will play any region DVD and automatically convert any PAL DVD to NTSC. I use this player routinely for all my UK and Aussie DVDs. Hope this helps.

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