• failed policies, and absence of style. Bush's other failure: He bankrupted the Federal government by turning control over to Asian central banks." Again, alternative phraseology will be developed. "He did not set realistic domestic goals. Bush's decision-making style is another reason why the historical guild will savage him. Bush does not admit a mistake, another sign of weakness A man of real power can admit mistakes because he can destroy those who would profit from them. George W. Bush cannot destroy anyone except civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. So, the media now smell blood. Like chickens, they attack the defenseless to peck it to death.
  • His failure? Says who? How about Obama? Will he fail?
  • He did not reverse Clintons signing of NAFTA and GATT and all of our jobs were outsourced to foreign country's and our economy collapsed.
  • He ain't too smart is he? Listen to him giving a speech if only once. You'll feel dumb for asking this :P
  • Besides being totally inept for the role, he got very, very thirsty.
  • LMAO! Stay tuned Obama seems to be quickly surpassing that title.
  • He ran Texas the 'Cowboy Way' ...(Anne Richards words).... and then he took that same attitude to Washington.
  • 1. He was a certified moron 2. He was a drunk 3. His brain was fried on drugs 4. He was a puppet 5. He was an idiot 6. He was an extremist 7. He knew nothing about anything 8. He was mentally retarded 9. He was utterly incompentent 10. He was stupid
  • Hubris.
  • Abysmal economic policies.
  • It all began the day his daddy dropped him on his head...
  • Well.. it depends who you ask. He did exactly what his controllers wanted him to do. In his eyes he didn't fail. And he's just handing the baton down to Obama who will continue to do the same things Bush did. The reasons he can do what he does and get away with it (failure - as many would call it) is because of the overwhelming ignorance of the American People of their government and current events. Probably mainly due to a corrupt corporate media who work in tandem with corrupt politicians, businessmen, and bankers. That's the only reason things such as the "Patriot Act" or unjust government spending on wars during a recession get passed and supported by the American people. Basically, the goverment has been hi-jacked and the people as a whole have been brainwashed, and that's the reason for the "failure". And no one seems to want to stand up against the tyranny of corrupt Government.
  • He did not fail. However, he is certainly not articulate. Both the small minded and the elite equate articulate speach with intelligence. Keep in mind, Harvard does not issue an MBA to an idiot and the United States Air Force never turned over an F105 to an indecisve fool who can't think on his feet. Neither cares about the subjects abillity to speek coherently in public. Alas, although the schmuck couldn't talk his way out of a paper bag. I believe history will prove that he wasn't the total idiot that the mainstream press and the educated elite would like him to be. Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say he may very well have had a better understanding of the needs of the United States and of the edless mideast situation than can be fathomed from the popular perspective today.
  • yes! was to do with all the other fools in his Government who couldn't have organised a root in a brothel and the fact that the Religious Right had way to much control over them
  • LET'S SEE, During George W. Bush's Presidency, civilian planes were hijacked and flown into two of the tallest buildings in the world, the event was broadcast on live television--and when the President was told these events were happening by one of his closest aides, he sat there stone faced and did nothing, while his vice President--Dick Cheney--vanished into an "undisclosed location." During George W. Bush's Presidency, the country was swept up in fear that terrorists were attacking ordinary citizens by sending the anthrax virus in the form of white powder through the United States Postal system. During George W. Bush's Presidency, invasive strip searches coupled with racial profiling were introduced to the act of getting onto an airplane. During George W. Bush's Presidency, a man who looked mentally ill was able to get past airport security, get on a plane, and then light a fuse connected to explosives in his shoes. During George W. Bush's Presidency, a color-coded system was created to tell Americans via broadcast television that the threat of a terrorist attack was high at all times. During George W. Bush's Presidency, the Republican Party launched a national campaign to convince the public that the Democratic nominee for president was a covert adherent to radical Islam with covert ties to domestic and foreign terrorists. During George W. Bush's Presidency, a time lauded and celebrated by the National Rifle Association, who claimed to have "their man in the Oval office" the largest gun massacre on a university campus occurred at Virginia Tech, resulting in the violent deaths of 5 faculty members and 27 students. During George W. Bush's Presidency, the CIA at the bequest of Dick Cheney tortured prisoners using techniques in direct violation of U.S. and international law, dramatically increasing the likelihood that captured U.S. prisoners in the future will also be subject to torture. And that is just to name a few, but you get the point.

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