• When I taste something new, it's never truly delicious unless he's there to share it with me. If I hear a joke, it's not ever really funny unless he hears it and laughs with me. When he leaves for work in the morning, I inhale. and I don't exhale until he returns.
    • Bella
      That's good!
  • I Will Follow They walked together,promises as sand,swept away, He could never do it by himself,not a rock as perceived, Steel hardens steel,then he had to ask her something, Do I have to walk alone,again? In the darkness? Tears fell down her face masking her beauty, He hugged her,saying,I will always follow you, Follow you wherever you may go,she remembered the song, His promise to dance one day now blown away. He still smiled,unaffected,maybe knowing life's truths, She said,I am leaving,nothing is left,no starry nights, How long,he yelled,must this charade go on? The damn circus closed due to taking it for granted. Then calmly he said,hush,hush, sweet darling,time is precious, She smiled finally,you used my words,why? Please my lady don't you cry,I am here and now, Exiting the stage,means dying before your time. She knew,he meant it,forever he will follow, Leaving isn't hard to do when new shows appear, When they open,both will be there together, And finally dance,as both promised. Then God will smile. The Bannibal One..
  • How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. ~ One. ~ Two. (Big grin) Three.
  • Pieku: Fruity round and sweet ~ A love/bite relationship ~ Just enough for me

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