• "No, that's not it."
  • No! I never once thought the world was so bad that it prevented me from bringing a child into it. However, I did wait until I was straight in the head before doing it. People who don't have children don't realize this a lot of times, but having a child makes you a better person, provided you're not dysfunctional to the point of being neglectful or abusive. Having a child made me want to live my life right. I was no longer self-centered, and my patience improved dramatically. My heart opened up, too! With all those things, I made the world a better place. Now I concentrate on raising children who make the world a better place. A positive can affect the world around you as much as any negative. Just because the world around you seems cold doesn't mean it has to stay like that forever.
  • I do want to have children someday, but I have thought about that.

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