• no system for the mail we just throw it on the table.... i keep all of my paperwork in colored folders...
  • I use the "pile" method
  • A simple algebraic equation....Deduce the mess down to the lowest possible denominator or "number" of clutter that is equal to the mess at it's least messy;. ;D
  • I have a shoebox over there, a foolscap binder over here, a bill pile on under the magnets on the fridge, paid bills stacked between the phone and the wall, and several piles here and there from rush tidy ups, that havent made it to any of the afore-mentioneds! I can usually find exactly what I'm looking for too!
  • It all goes in one plastic bag which gets looked into sometime at the end of the year when we have to file for tax!
  • I hand it to my husband, and he makes it disappear. It's magic.
  • It arrives. I chuck it in the office. I go do something i wanna do and forget about it until the end of the month, then i open it and attend to what needs attending to. Great system hey !~:)
  • Filing! But in that most is done with a computer now, it makes "physical" organizing nearly moot!
  • The bills at the bottom of the pile should be opened and paid first.
  • System?? That is the only aspect of my life that has no system. It goes on the side until we have all claimed our own and then I stick a lot of mine (unopened) in a box on my desk. Paperwork has different folders though, that is semi-organised.
  • "Instaklenze" It is what I call my way for handling junk mail. On my way back from my mailbox I throw my junk mail right into my trash can. I never even take it inside.
  • We get the mail sort it by bills/important/junk the junk gets shredded right away. The bills get filed to be paid the important papers gets sat out to be handled with ASAP. The bills get handled once a week every week so that nothing is late. Then the bill stubs get filed in labeled folders corresponding with the type of bill. Any important paperwork when done with gets filed also. That way if need be I can grab my files in case of emergency.
  • 3 tray organizer, 1 for each person/couple in the household, on the counter next to the trash can...junk gets tossed, not-junk gets sorted by person/couple...female half of couple (thats me) goes through couples mail weekly and files what needs to be filed, tosses what needs to be tossed, and responds to what needs a response.

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