• yea that would help alot, 0ne to one is a highway speed in an over drive vehicle at 55 mph, your tranny should also be rebuilt by a pro and also changing your governor to adjust the speedometer to your actual wheel speed, (I heard by adding or taking out an extra drive or driven plate inside the drum assembly would turn your tranny into a 350 rocket, im assuming you have a 4 speed tranny, i cant remember if this is the part to change, so ask a few Questions), the condition of your engine also will put tha rubber down it wasn't mentioned, there is also a system to adjust the front brake pressure from the rear that is used in drag cars for burn outs, on a regular car its normally 70% front and 30% rear stopping. hope this helps out with a few directions to look into
  • Try Narrow tires. Its cheaper. Or cheat, pour a little Clorox and dish soap on the road. You want white smoke, Your car will disappear in it.
  • It's better to do burn outs with high profile tires,if your car has 24" rims,I take it you must have ultra low profile tires and you're just asking for trouble !!!

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