• I know but I weigh like 605 pounds. I just don't want it to happen!
    • Thinker
      I used to go to a nudist resort where a woman there weighed well over 400 pounds. Being naked didn't bother her at all. She was also a grade 2 school teacher.
  • exactly, i get naked all the time in front of other people. i feel it helps other people to really get to know me.
  • Yeah thats fine if everyone wants it. I like the female form and don't get all stupid when I got to a nude beach. I don't need to be laying there with some guy dangling in my vicinity.
  • That's what I tell them when I walk into Home Depot but they keep calling the cops.
  • because they are not comfortable in their skin I know I'm self consciouse that's why I'd freak out if someone saw me naked.
  • Conditioning by culture
  • You DONT want to see me naked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unless you want nightmares of course;)
  • Sometimes its nice to keep that part of yourself to yourself, i dont want people to see my naked because i feel vunerable, like i have no secrets left to hide!!!
  • Depends on how you were raised. I wasn't raised where nudity was okay. My mom was a real prude about her body and passed it on to us kids. I mean in its proper place it's fine but when people you hardly know feel that its okay to just run around naked, it makes me very uncomfortable inside no matter how cool I am on the outside.
  • It's a shame, really. We've got such a 'forbidden fruit' complex going in this society that I believe it's unhealthy. Even CARTOONS get censor treatment on basic cable. Unbelievable!
  • When it's very early on Sunday and your mother in law finds you naked in her house's corridor yelling at her beloved dogs "Stop cryiinggg damnit!!" it IS freaking embarrasing >.< (I was almost sure they were not home... too sleepy to be completely sure, I guess.)
  • Some people weren't raised to be seen naked. Some people aren't cofortable enough with their bodies to be seen naked. Some feel only a s/o should see them naked.
  • It depends on context and what we were taught as we grew up. Nakedness was not a big deal in my house growing up- Our house was in its last two years of being a commune when I was born. I am very comfortable with nakedness in general, but not in places where it makes people uncomfortable. My body is a little different because of an accident- I have one leg, some scars, and I pee out of a valve set in a hole in my side. In my teens I was extremely embarrassed to look different and did everything I could to hide it. Now I feel like it is good to make people comfortable with my differences, and don;t mind showing people who are curious.
  • I was embarrassed when I was younger. But being 43 yrs old and being "with" a man, having numerous PAPS and child birth is letting it all out.....well I don't care anymore! Nudist colony wouldn't bother me one bit. If you don't like lookin' at it then don't look at me. LOL GOOD question!!! +5
  • I thought that was another thing we had Eve to blame for.
  • Some people are just concerned about being modest and don't feel it's proper to be naked to others besides their loved one. Some don't like the way they look. And some feel like it's an invasion of their privacy. It isn't a bad thing to keep things private or just for special people.
  • The sight of my naked body is a sacred trust to my husband. It is his alone. But he is also the only one I trust with the sight. I trust him to see my body as desirable and not as fat and scarred. I trust him to hold that sight as a precious thing and not a cheap thrill. He alone cares about me that deeply. The Bible says we are not to covet what other people have. It also says that we are not to put a stumbling block in someone else's path. How can I hold someone accountable for wanting to commit adultery if I have led him on and teased him. Therefore, I do my very best to prevent another man from seeing my naked body so as not to cause him to stumble (if he happens to like old, scarred, fat, naked bodies lol).
  • My Nakedness is only for my partner.
  • A cultural standard, probably reinforced by the fact that we like the anticipation of something we haven't seen but want to, and we really like it when it's something that most people don't ever get to see. There's many places where nudity is the norm and isn't embarrassing at all to people. They never feel self-conscious, but they also never get the pleasure of seeing someone's bits after a long time of imagining them.
  • At the most basic level I think that clothing serves as a psychic barrier to sex on demand, by negating the question, 'oh look I have an erection and you have a vagina, whyever shouldn't we have sex'. . More clothing removes more of the question (and responsibility) until women end up walking around in tents surrounded by men to protect them.
  • Clothing carries information to the community. Everywhere there is culture. Clothing brings some protection. Clothing brings some warmth - a specific kind of protection. Clothing lets you know if you work an McD or at BK. The whole idea of waring short skirts or Booty Shorts is that you are waring them.   The idea of a woman wearing something short and shear and peach is not that she is wearing it to conceal, but to frame her femaleness. Ed
  • I am hprrified when I see my naked reflection - of course I would be embarrassed if anyone other than my husband saw me naked! Nakedness per se is not a bad thing - but it's hard to look fit as a fiddle when you are shaped like a cello!
  • People are crazy.
  • i was not embarrassed when i was small kid....but as my concious incresed..i was made to get embarressed on such thing...its...due to social custom.
  • Embarrassed? no. Humiliated? yes
  • I have been a nudist for many years. I have seen women from infants to over 80, from a few pounds to one woman who weighed over 400 pounds, from stacked to for get it. I have seen men from infants to over 80 some well built and some grossly over weight. But when you are a nudist you care about the person more than how they look. There is nothing wrong with nudity and indeed if you go by God's word He created us naked and had intended for us to remain as such. Go read Genesis 3:11 if you have doubt. Also you may check into this site: or
  • it can be very good.
  • cause theyre probably not used to it
  • Some people are body shy
  • Although nakedness is natural, some people are not comfortable being seen naked by other people because they like their own privacy which should be respected. Some people don’t respect the privacy of others unfortunately. The person who doesn’t want to be seen naked by someone else may have had a bad experience in their lives. They may have been raped and not go through that bad experience again. Some people are comfortable being seen naked by their lover through excitement and attraction. Each person have different experiences in life with people that makes them either comfortable or not being naked around someone else.
  • You should only go nude in the world if you have the body for it. If you don't, do not make me call the cops because you made me throw up.😆 Did you ever want to see Aunt Bea naked?
  • I am not ashamed of my body.
  • Social conditioning, phrases like "private parts" & "naughty bits" make it hard for some people to distinguish between nude & rude. An unrealistic portrayal of what real people look like in movies & fashion makes people body-conscious. Like Thinker (above) I'm a naturist, I've have seen all ages & body sizes & don't give it a second thought.
  • On the beach, you see girls in a bra and panties.
  • On the beach, girls in bikinis are fine but if you saw them in a bra and panties, they would panic.

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