• I'm not affected by it at all. Most of it is annoying anyway.
  • Yeah, It annoys me when I'm watching tv, especially for a couple of hours when you see the same commercials over and over and over again, and then I get really annoyed.
  • ...the whole snuggie and bumpit thing is great for a laugh....
  • Adversely. If manufacturers would spend more time and money making their products better at a lower cost it would supplant advertising. I recognize advertising works in America, but there is a Law of Diminishing Returns and I believe we may, in some cases, be at that point.
  • My buying habit is not affected but sometimes my mood. Either I laugh or I mumble something what others cannot and should not hear......
  • EVERYONE is affected by advertising. That is why it is a multi-billion international industry.
  • No, If I see products advertised it makes me less likely to buy it because the adverts annoy me because they are are spending some of the money I pay to buy that on adverts!
  • Yes I see all these sale ads and think how terrrible it is that they lie to people.
  • Well obviously it makes us aware of the products which are available to us. However, I'll only notice it if the item being advertised is something I need or something which appears to be useful. I feel I've become very desensitised to advertising, especially over the Internet. I just don't notice adverts in banners anymore unless they make noises or do something annoying in which case they become an irritant. In general, I'd say the way advertising affects me most is that they either annoy or amuse me. That is, if I even happen to notice them in the first place.
  • yes, I am fascinated to goods that present themselves the best way! Recently the ads of AXE body spray did it and I have started using it!
  • Yes, I am very visually stimulated. A Red Lobster commercial makes me cook seafood for dinner. If I see cookies on the counter, eat one. If the same cookies are in the cupboard there is no problem, no visual stimulation there. I can Tivo past most of the commercials for some success in controlling myself.

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