• i guess you could learn basics, but you'll never learn it as well as you could at an actual dojo. especially since there's many different disciplines for every type of martial art. an ebook can't cover it all. i'm speaking as a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo. there's too much to learn & an ebook seems so...impersonal.
  • Yes and no ... ... as a new beginner, you can most definitely learn some of the simpler basic concepts, ideas, strategies, and a few of the easier moves, but the parts that really matter and make the vast difference in skill levels will require a skilled instructor ... if you are already an advanced martial artist and just want to add a few other styles, then an ebook may be enough to get a start in the right direction ... but while spontaneous enlightenment is always a possibility, it is very unlikely that you could achieve a high level in those martial arts without the guidance of a skilled instructor ... monkey see - monkey do - is not the same as getting guided wisdom & understanding from a true master, providing a knowledgeable foundation for the many moves & techniques ... while you can learn a lot from just reading, watching, & trying to do, true mastery is a handed down gift and must be given by someone who is already a skilled master ...
  • Like others have said, you may learn some basic concepts, but to really learn "the way" of your choice, you should seek out a qualified instructor.

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