• No. You will be a criminal.
  • If you don't have ROLEX on them, you might be able to get away with it, selling "replicas" of Rolex watches. However, if they do have the Rolex logo and design, you would be guilty of selling counterfeit items.
    • mushroom
      If you make it clear they are reproductions, then they couldn't be called counterfeit; however, the owners of the Rolex name could claim patent and trademark infringement for the similarities in design and/or name. It's not enough just to call it "Solex."
  • I would buy one, But the Rolex people might have something to say about it.
  • No. Even if the people who buy them from you know they are fake, the people who see your customers wearing the watches will not. That is why most people buy fakes. So, you are still trading off Rolex's goodwill and you will still be an infringer and possibly a criminal.
  • Go for it - every body and their brother seems to have done it at least once in their life - so why not you?
  • No, that is called free riding. Trademark law exists to protect the good will of a company. This is accomplished in several ways: (1) by preventing people from ejecting products into the stream of commerce which people may mistakingly associate with the brand of another company, (2) by preventing people from diluting the brand name of another by overuse, and (3) preventing other brands from free riding on the brand of another. A fake rolex only has a market because of Rolex's good will. Injecting fake rolexs into the stream of commerce, even if everyone knows it is a fake, dilutes the brand name of Rolex and is only worthwile because it free rides on teh Rolex name.
  • NOT if they have the word "ROLEX" on them or the Rolex Trademark on them .... You can get PRISON time ... +5
  • no if they have rolex on them you will be in trouble even if you are honest and say they are fake
  • not at all i believe they are still illegal
  • Nobody's going to buy a fake Rolex. Tell them they're real and hot. Get a good price and relocate frequently.
  • If you disclose that you are selling fake Rolex watches the Rolex will sue you.
  • If you claim that they are reproduction of ROLEX watches you are directly involving in Trademark infringement violation which is a crime and punishable under international laws which protect rights of trademarks owners. For example, in the United States, the Trademark Counterfeiting Act of 1984 criminalized the intentional trade in counterfeit goods and services. The ACTA trade agreement, signed in May 2011 by the United States, Japan, Switzerland, and the EU, requires that its parties add criminal penalties, including incarceration and fines, for copyright and trademark infringement, and obligated the parties to actively police for infringement. If the respective marks and products or services are entirely dissimilar, trademark infringement may still be established if the registered mark is well known pursuant to the Paris Convention. In the United States, a cause of action for use of a mark for such dissimilar services is called trademark dilution. In some jurisdictions a party other than the owner (e.g., a licensee) may be able to pursue trademark infringement proceedings against an infringer if the owner fails to do so. The party accused of infringement may be able to defeat infringement proceedings if it can establish a valid exception (e.g., comparative advertising) or defence (e.g., laches) to infringement, or attack and cancel the underlying registration (e.g., for non-use) upon which the proceedings are based. Therefore, you need to understand the international laws before taking the risk.
  • I will throw your question right back at you....if Rolex, for example, was YOUR family name and business, would YOU wanna see folks walking around with fakes that look like a Rolex, easily identifiable but with no name? & trading on your family name and hard work to establish their brand of watch? uh, probably's called common decency............. Just because it's DONE doesn't mean it's RIGHT!!!! see?????????
  • No ,It will be against trademark law if they do have the Rolex logo and design. You should register your product design first and then sell it.To register design you can take help from trademark attorneys. One of my friends living in Australia once take patent lawyer services from as the process is not simple.

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