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  • No you should let him cook it himself.
  • Embarrassed? No, not by any means! Would assume you are not comfortable in the kitchen--cooking is an art form, one learns by trial and error. If hubby was not happy with your meal, by all means tell him to have at it, if he will cook then you will clean up the kitchen afterwards, lol...just be sure to keep the dishwasher running as he is making dirty pots and pans, and also wash by hand as necessary...
  • Tell him you were hurt by the way he told you. The tell him how you might have heard him better. This is not a disaster. This is a newly wed couple working out how they can be more effective in communication.
  • :) I grew up with out a mom... So when I got married I didn't even know how to make spagetti. But we grow we learn... Don't worry about it! There will be things you do, and things he doesn't measure up to one anothers standards, it's a part of being married. You just don't take it to heart, and understand life&marriage are both a journey.

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