• You can try a few things: Call Scientology at their Los Angeles, California building 323-960-3550 and ask for "Merav Ellis, Address Correction and Policing In Charge". She should be able to help you, but if she's not available then they'll direct you to the person who is now holding the position "Address Correction and Policing In Charge". Tell her that you don't want any more mailing or calls from Scientology or any of their groups or organizations, and to mark you as "off the list" FOREVER. It may take a while for this information to propagate from her centralized computer to the other Scientology organizations, but it will help. It will NOT, however, completely stop the problem. But it should be your first step. The reason it will not stop the problem is that they keep lists all over the place (on paper and in computers), and do not use the centralized computer to "cross check" for people who don't want calls. It should stop the bulk-mail junk mailings, though. Call your local police and/or your phone company. Ask them about making a complaint against harassment. Especially since they "tracked you down" after being told you never wanted contact from them again, you probably have a good reason to make a complaint. If you can make a complaint that is simply a police report, you can later send a copy of that report to Church of Scientology International (their "mother church") and demand to never hear from them again. That will put you on some good (for you) "black list" where they should order people to stop calling you. To locate the address to which to mail a copy of your report to the police on harassment, go to the California Secretary of State website and do a "business entities search" for the corporation "Church of Scientology International". You want to mail your demand to the "Agent for service". At present that is Jeanne M. Gavigan, 3055 Wilshire Blvd #900, Los Angeles CA 90010. Whenever you get mail from them, if it includes a business reply envelope (free postage for you) scribble on the envelope or area showing mailing address and send it back to them. Make it clear that they should remove you from their lists and stop mailing you. Don't be nice; that won't work with Scientology. You have to "threaten legal action" if they continue to mail to you. Scientology takes "legal threats" seriously. Just asking them won't get the desiresd result. Whenever anyone calls, ask them if they have heard of "Xenu" (pronounced zee-noo). Say you'd love to tell them Hubbard's secret Xenu story. They will think you now know the (altered version of their) secret OT3 levels. No one will want to hear any more -- they will probably be afraid; they're trained to think they will get pneumonia if they hear the story and will probably hang up on you. Then tell them that you never want to hear from them again. If they try to argue with you, or convince you otherwise, you should start to read them L. Ron Hubbard's OT3 writing. Here is the OT3 story (page 1 only). If they won't "go away" on the phone, just calmly start reading it to them over the phone. They WILL go away. They WILL stop calling you. Make sure your friends and family also have a copy of it, too, and know they should read it over the phone to the Scientologists. Scientology will get the idea that not only are YOU on the side of Xenu and an enemy to Scientology, but that all your friends and family are too, and they should call less and less over time. Scientology does not care about "do not call" lists. Even though they consider themselves "a charity" and they consider that they don't fall under the usual "do not call registry" guidelines, if you ask off of their lists and ask to never be called again... they cannot do so without risking a suit to owe you... what is it... about $11,000 PER INCIDENT? They DO care about threats of using a lawyer to sue them. Use those threats liberally. Eventually, they will tag you as someone to not bother with. But you're going to have to persist to make it known that you are not on their side. This means showing yourself as an enemy (knowing the XENU story). Being nice, or telling them you're "not interested" is just a reason for them to call you again. It's not impossible to get off their lists. I have. They rarely mess up and call me these days, but it took persistence and "being nasty" to get the desired effect.
  • Oh no! Once they have their hooks in you I'm afraid you're stuck! Contacting them would probably make it worse because they'd know they have a "live" one. I'd just ignore them.
  • G'day Pollymath, Thank you for your question. I don't have the problem. I would suggest writing to them at a first step. You might to check with the relevant government agency if it persists. You have my sympathy. Regards
  • ask to borrow money
  • Yes, with Readers Digest.
  • Stage your own death. This may or may not work...
  • contact their alien heirarchy
  • If you're getting email, file a Spam report and go to your mail controls and block email from their email address. If you're getting snail mail, do not open it. Write deceased on it and throw it in a mail box. If they call you, report the calls to the telephone company as harrassing calls. If they come to your door, call the police. Do not engage Scientologists in any conversation of any kind.
  • Return to sender
  • Ask Xenu. No I don't.
  • No, but if I was I'd just put it in the trash can by the mailboxes with the rest of the junk mail before coming home.

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