• I think the only way to match his depths would be to bugger a golden eagle in front of the Washington Monument while reciting the Qu’ran in Russian... comrade!
  • Republican Hubris.
  • This man was pampered since birth. He never had a problem daddy Bush did not pay to solve. It would be like Paris Hilton running for President and winning that's how absurd the whole thing was.
  • Dummies in large number, who think alike, voted for him and made him a president. The lucky bastard became a president. Under the false pretence, he waged a war and killed hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed many families. That didn't matter to the dummies who voted for him. They didn't feel the pain when other families suffered, until the US economy tanked and they themselves began losing their jobs and savings. When it boomeranged, when the dummies who initially voted for him personally felt the pain of their bad judgment, then they dropped him like a rock. Sinking is a mild term for that SOB. His reputation is in free fall like a rock, and probably will continue its free fall until this SOB disappears from minds and thoughts of people.
  • Has a question sank so low?
  • Because the media made it very low. He is one great President of the United States. You will learn it when Obama will fail to protect us, and we have another 9/11 tragedy. Do not take for granted that another 9/11 has not happened since 2001. Bush made it possible. You must thank him for it.
  • I don't know, ask Carter.
  • Give Obama time. He's already on a fast track to be far worst then Jimmy Carter.
  • I do remember Watergate and Nixon. How low can they go?

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